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  1. Im helluh noob, and i hate america and the measurment system.
    Help me out,
    1 gal is about 4 liters. = about 3.79

    im use to 1-2 teaspoon per gallon.
    Im thinkin 7mL per gallon, or 1.5 teaspoon of candy per gallon?
    . .. . .. .

    or does it matter???
  2. 5mL to 1 tsp. I believe.
  3. just use a measuring cup with ML on it and do it that way?

  4. Thanks bro. i did all sorta of calc. but i got 1 for 5 ML, but i just want to Conquer it.
  5. Where did you get the nutes?
  6. In the future, if you type ml to tablespoon into google, the stats will be the first search result. Or anything you want to translate for that matter.
  7. I like to use a syringe for measuring. Just cleaner I think. Luckily the nutes I was using had a conversion on it. Otherwise I would have been on here asking.
  8. tHANKS PEEPS, i got it.

  9. O damn, i got slammed.
    I just did helluh math. haha
    just did wut u said, an im annoyed with google's abilities. hhaah
  10. It's kinda scary how smart Google's search engine is now.

    You can actually type in the full desired conversion and get the results.

    Say you want to find out how much 3ml/L is in ounces per gallon. You can just type in "3ml/L to oz/gal" and hit enter. Google does the math.

    That really makes it easy to get your nutes mixed right. No matter what kind of measuring device you have, you can convert it over. Heck, you can use tablespoons or cups or whatever.

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