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Bud Buzz Cut

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by larryg420, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. I hate trimming buds:rolleyes:but some one has to do it:p.
    I trimmed a qp last nite and have another oz to trim today.
    I have one strain that really needs no trimming,mostly Calyx's,the last picture is that one.
    All are from 3 Different Kush Moms.

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  2. nice looking buds larry! I hate trimming too (after about an hour or so).
  3. Thanks,these are from one plant.
    It has like 8 colas;)I cut these 5 to test.Then i let the rest go till 90% of the pistils are dead.
    I cut some early to get that up buzz and the older ones are more of a body high.
    Up high is a good morning wake and bake and older is good for sleep.:smoking:

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  4. Nice cuts and trimming.

    I never get tired of it :)
  5. Again thanks:D,i need a pair of those spring loaded scissors.
    My hand gets cramped trimming all these buds:rolleyes:.
    I've been trimming better since some one told me they would look better,more bag appeal if i trimmed them better.I have to agree with him;),they do look nice once cured.
    Merry Christmas!:smoking:
  6. yeah man those "fiskars" are kick ass for trimming... they really make it a lot easier.
  7. :D
    can u come & manicure my harvest when its ready:rolleyes::rolleyes:;)

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