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Bud, Bud, everywhere!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by BCgrower, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Well, harvest time has come and gone. Lost plants to the police, plants to mother nature, and worst of all plants to thieves. 15 pounds of the lovely green gone in a flash. Still, on a brighter note I did have an over all good season. I wanted to take some pics of my Super Skunk as it turned out quite well and almost made up for the losses of the season, however my cheap ass camera will not take pics good enough. I am going over to a friends right now to see if I can use his. Will post them if they turn out. Will be buying a new camera in the next few days anyway. Peace out to all, have a great winter, have an even better spring summer fall 2003!!! If you happen to be in Mexico and then perhaps Australia we may bump into each other. I'll buy the drinks. Have a good one!!!

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  2. ahh

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  3. ooh ahh

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  4. um yeah

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  5. with the green comes the brown, later all!!!

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  6. sorry to hear about your loss, 15 pounds would just break my heart. but looks like you did pretty well any way. how much did you end up with?
  7. hey BC stop by juneau

    before you head out to mexico!!!
  8. i enve u (i know i did not spell that right)

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