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Bud and the REM cycle

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheKurupted, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. It's exam final week and I've been on a mini-t-break since monday (I know only 3 days).
    I have some Master kush that I really want to burn tonight AFTER studying for my biology exam, which is tomorrow.

    My question is:
    Will toking this great herb have any effect on my brain's ability to retain all this shit that I'm learning as I study?
    I know that it reduces your REM time in sleep, and I hypothesize that less REM time = less information processed.
    Can anyone confirm this or add insight?
  2. Bump.
  3. For my finals this week, I studied high a lot. But if you study high, you'll want to take the test high (because you'll remember it better because you were intoxicated when you learned it).

    Oh, I didn't see you were going to smoke after you studied. I don't think it should have any effect, but don't quote me.
  4. That's kinda like in How High then:
    "I figure if I study high, I write the test high...I'll get high grades!"
  5. I smoke before bed regardless. I still manage a 80% average. It doesn't affect my mark. But it could be different for everyone, my one buddy says he "Feels Retarded" the next day when he smokes.
  6. I love that movie...but it's good logic.
  7. I usually smoke before bed too, but I haven't this week because I usually stay up real late to watch TV after getting stoned, and I figured I should give my brain some rest since it's exam week.
  8. REM = Rapid Eye Movement
  9. When you go to bed after you smoked weed during the day your REM is shortened. How much it is shortened depends on how long ago you smoked.

    REM sleep is where your short term memory is stored into long term so to answer your question- yes if you smoke close to bed time you may forget some stuff. It will all depend on whether you just learned this stuff or if you already knew it but were just going over it again.

    I notice I forget a little when I study then blaze but not a huge difference.
  10. ^How does that Ticker work in your sig?
  11. I feel pretty confident here saying NO. I study a lot and get high every night, sometimes I study when I'm high. I remember things all the same no matter if I smoked before or after studying.
    If anything, there is an insignificant amount of otherwise retained memory lost.
  12. Just click it and go to the site. On the site click the link for "Event" and it should be pretty self explanatory from there. They give you a code when your done that you can paste in your signature so the ticker shows up.
  13. are you cramming? if you already feel good about the exam, i say smoke it.
  14. I dont think it will effect your retained information. You will probably be sleepier the next day, though. I think maybe you should wait until after the exam.
  15. Pretty much done studying but I'm gonna wait til tomorrow after all is done.
    I'd rather have a worry-free high than be thinking about having to write an exam lol
  16. Im totally quotin u man:wave:.

    This logic is ridiculous. Pot does not help with memory, especially short term If you cant accept that you simply dont want to see the negative aspects of marijuana. Those saying they do fine regardless, if you stopped smoking I bet you'd be doing even better.

    Now, im not saying pot isnt awesome for some stuff (english class for example) but when it comes to shit like History, thats where it rapes you up the ass.

    This. Wait till after the test and then do a celebratory toke on the ride home. You'll be so happy that you held off and you'll prob get an extra *umph* to your high if you usually smoke daily.

  17. do u by any chance go to central tech?
  18. REM is the most important part of the sleep cycle, bud does kinda fuck rem sleep up but it's not really major if you smoke tonight
  19. I was blazing a lot throughout the semester and I had a 71 in grade 12 university math and I stopped for exams and got an 84 on it. I also find that I'm lazier and don't always do my homework which doesnt help lmaoo :)
  20. I study high, I vape before sleeping everyday too, even if I have a test the next day, but i NEVER get high before a test. that's just asking for trouble IMHO. I remember stuff perfectly when writing tests sober and I have a pretty high GPA :smoke:

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