Bud and the CTA

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerlove95, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Hello, I have a question for all Chicago tokers. Lately I've been seeing many security guards with dogs at downtown CTA train stations. Are these dogs just guard dogs? Or drug dogs? Wouldn't want to get caught if I had some herb!

    Thank you!
  2. Are they security guards or like transit police? Only police would have drug dogs. Could be bomb-sniffing dogs.
  3. I believe they aren't the actual CPD. They are Shepherds but they don't look grown enough. The guards have yellow jackets
  4. Next time you go, get a good look. Training a drug dog is way expensive, and I don't know that private security are even allowed to use them. If it's security it might just be a regular dog that they want you to think is trained to smell for drugs..
    If they're police then fuck yeah they're drug dogs lol. or bombs. or dead bodies.
  5. If it helps they have metal muzzle over their mouth..
  6. Dunno, lol. I've heard of security companies having watchdogs, never seen it though.
    But I feel like a train station would have some serious police instead of just security guards
  7. One rule of thumb when it comes to dogs that I've always followed was, don't test it...Unnecessary trouble for little gain.
    But I weigh things differently than most so you're free to figure out which kind they are by your own means. :cool:
  8. the dogs at airports are bomb sniffing dogs i think
    not sure if it would be the same for trains
  9. Well I think once I had bud and I walked right by a dog but nothing happened. Not sure though. I think I'm being paranoid a lot of people would be getting arrested daily in Chicago I suppose.

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