buckets or no buckets!?

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  1. Ok guys I have a few questions to run by yall. For my outdoor grow should i use 5 gallon buckets to grow/flower in or will transplanting them to the ground be ideal. Is LST better in the ground because of more surface area? Also with watering should i keep my plants watered at least once a week or more? Thanks guys i know im a newb at this :eek:
  2. the ground is better. dig big holes and fill with good stuff and plant. LST them will also maximize yeilds. having them in the ground will help to make them look natural as well. as opposed to having them in very notciable 5 galllon buckets.
  3. I agree. Also, when you dig your hole, pour water into it to see how fast it drains. The slower it drains, the more likely you'll want to add sand or perlite.
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    The main advantage of pots is moving them if you wreck your stealth with tracks. Use 3/4 plugs at bottom, mulch and it works as good as in the ground. You'll get less yield ( - 30-50 % for a 10 gallon pot?). If you're sure of your spot, dig holes. Pots can be a godsend to move out and finish peacefully in a brand new spot. Under 12 gallons is a good movable size max.
  5. Thanks guys any more advice is well appreciated

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