Buckets' Multi Strain perpetual two tent -dual vent- multi strain miasma.. PlatinumLED n Mars Hydro

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  1. Hey guys. One 2*2*4 veg tent w. CFLs n a p300. Looking for a good 4x2 coverage LED within my budget for 2*4*6 bloom tent..so far 4/5 promising seedlings. More sprouting.
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  2. I have 1 p600 in my 2*42" closet which seems perfect but I have zero to base that one since it's my first but I just took these a few minutes ago which is 42 days switching to 12-12. I love the idea of a separate tent but I just don't have space :([​IMG][​IMG]

    check out my first grow/journal https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?threads/1423342/
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  3. Ordered a 24x36x72 bloom tent. Getting n Amare pro 3 as maim.light for flower:)
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  4. [​IMG]I use a mars 11 1200 love it.

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