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    Ive been roamong the net looking for ideas on how to build a bucket system and liked both Rumpleforeskin and Budslinger's bucket systems but came across the bucket farm sets on eBay and thought what the difference in cost would be?

    If I were to build my own 4 bucket system would it be around the 140 it is on eBay?


    I'd post a link but it automatically connects to eBay mobile as Im on my phone.
    If you search "bucket hydro" on eBay they'll come up. I think the price is fairly chrap but maybe you guys will see or know something I don't.
  2. Honestly you would think that you could build it cheaper, but probably not as cheap as that person is making it to make a profit. Personaly im going to be buying a couple 6 bucket systems off ebay, i was going to fabricate my own but i never looked on ebay before, they are actualy quite reasonable priced imo. The ones you buy from a hydro/grow store cost like, well i seen one for 600$ in my local grow store for an ebb and flow, thats without 13% tax.

    I seen one on ebay for 310 + 80$ shipping, basicly about 400$, also its two seperate systems 6 pots each, so if your growing 2 different strains you can have different nutrient levels depending on how the strains react. Not sure if this helps you at all, i just seen that your basicly looking at the same kinda thing i am and wondering the same thing i was/am wondering.

    Good luck
  3. shoulda mentioned that the one im looking at is 12 pot system, for a 6x6 grow space
  4. hmmm....they both sound okay...

    it looks like the $150 one has waterfarm-like rings that go around the net pots inside the lids and it sprays the roots from there...

    the $120 one you can't really see that much of...it doesn't say it comes with any rings like the $150 one, so you can't really tell how the h2o gets delivered. it also doesn't come with an air pump or air stone, if you want/need those, even if the pump/stone that comes with the $150 one aren't that high quality...

    i do favor building your own though...use the picture in that $150 one to get the components yourself, possibly from a local hydro store since they will have everything you need and the parts will be much higher quality, and possibly cheaper too!
  5. These systems are pretty much the same. The "farm" system does come with watering rings, however these are not really needed in a DWC.

    The farm system is actually cheaper since the $119 system cost $49 to ship and it has more with it. That would be the system I would buy, although you can build it for less.
  6. I went ahead and bought the waterfarm one, I'll update when I receive it.
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    I just bought the 6 bucket from ebay from mistyblueeyes.  best deal out there  There is a 2 plant ebb and flow system for 130 but I went with the bucket farm. stoked!

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