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  1. hey all , thanks for the tips to get me started out , i had another question , i bought a bucket bubbler system , ayone ever hear of it , and think it will work ?it doesnt look like a bad set up , has 5 , 5gal buckets , 1 is for the res. , and the other 4 are for plants , has a pump to circulate the fluids , and comes with a air bubbler . anyone ever dealt with sumthin like it? lol its basicly a hydro set up isnt it???
  2. Yeah.......you aren't going to use dirt are you? I'm not to

    much on hydro but I know you need rockwool.
  3. yeah im gonna use rockwool , but what about the nutrient solution , anyone got a guide for that? or is that in that quick guide i see sid post all the time?this set up looks like it would produce some large plants .... i hope heh thanx , anyone out there that does hydro that could give me a few tips or instructions?
  4. i aint ever grew in bubble buckets but i thought u used clay balls in them?

    iv done a lot of hydro with NFT the 1 where u get a trough with a shelf above it, sit ur plants in rockwool cubes on that and run a bit of water over it 24/7 with a tiny fishtank pump.

    that is so easy to do and so cheap to run, i used "canna" feed, it is good and id recomend it to any1. when i started hydro, (about ten year ago) i just went to the nearst place that did grow lamps and asked stupid questions. it must of bin slow that day cus i spoke to the old hippie running the place for about 6hrs.

    hydro is very easy to get wrong. the only thing easyer is getting it rite. if u understand the principles behind it you cant really go wrong cus thers nothing to it. but if u dont understand and think all u gotta do is put some feed in water then chuck it at ur plants (not far from the truth) then odds r ur'l poison them if u dont burn the roots to hell 1st.

    buy 2 good books by drifernt ppl about hydroponics and read them to death. theres a lot of folk law about it and every1 has ther own way, thats y i think 2 books is ten times better than 1.
  5. im not sure bout the clay pellets , but it comes with 6" net pots , and elite 802 air rocks for the buckets, dual outlet air pumps for each bucket lol this should be interesting , its all new to me lol , well hell ya gotta start somewhere tho, i figured id do a batch in soil , and a batch without soil , and see what happens , i appreciate all the info i been gettin from my questions i have asked... i also want to say i was wondering who was the man on here ........ but after seein woodys harvest pics , i now know ......woodys da man , those were the most beautiful pics i have ever seen , stunning lol , ohhh one more question , i started germinating some seeds from my bag , when i goto flower them , how long do i let them flower? seeing as i dont know the type or strain of seeds they are? or does it even matter? thanx again for the help
  6. sorry I started replying to this thread earlier and had to go.

    First off, get you the three part General Hydroponics Flor nut series. 3 bottles of nute, purple, green and red. check overgrow.com FAQ section and look in the folder that says something like General Hydroponics nute formulas or recipes. I would give you a good one but Idon't have it with me right now. I keep it written down becuse the STML won't let me remember it.

    Also get you some epsom salt and Pro-tekt for root development. You will also need a pH meter and some pH up and down chemicals to keep the reservoir at the right pH.

    Hydro versus dirt is no comparision. 1/3 quicker and much better yield.

  7. u know the little white hairs that come outta the fem flowers, well when most of them have turned orange or brown thats about the right time,
  8. thanx for the info all , is much appreciated.... well hopefully i will get the system in a couple days , and get started , soon as i get anything worthy of a pic ill post it thanx again for the info all :)

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