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Bubb's Cali pickups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ChaliTuna, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. #1 ChaliTuna, Aug 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2014
    just rolled this up real quick with some chemdawg in it, hope all of you are having a marvelous tuesday :smoke:
    25/g Blue Dream crumble wax
    hairiest haze i've ever seen in person
    Blueberry Haze
    Blue Crack (blue dream x green crack??)
    some oil on purp
    some sap i blasted
    dat purpppppp

  2. You have some nice pickups man, I want to try that GDP hybrid, looks like some very dank smoke man! :bongin:

    Looks like you have the right idea...time to get :smoking:

  3. i can tell that the GDP hybrid is getting you high as shit hahaha:smoke:
  4. Shit, I'm very jealous, what does a government grower do? Grow for medical studies?

  5. I think it's more along of the lines of he knows what he's doing so they hire him to hire the right people to carry out his operation. I wouldn't go into details but i can guarantee you that his estate is flourishing like sector nine in pineapple express.

    This chemdawg is a whole nother story...definitely recommend this strain, just caught the campaign after a few bong longs with two of my girl the sativa dominance in this strain i must say, off to another bong snap and bed, hope all of you had a great night :hello:
  6. Good shit OP...whenever I roll up a doobie like that I call it an ET finger lol
  7. #7 ChaliTuna, Aug 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2012
    as curren$y says 'We stuff them joints with killa till they look like broken fingers'

    enjoyed a nice sativa this mornin hope yall are tokin :smoke:

    bong snap from the phone, for some reason sound didn't work...i'm chargin my camera though so by my next pickup i'll have HQ shots and videos, hope yall tune in to this thread...if i get enough traffic i might just show my harvest later on :cool:
    View My Video

    edit: fixed video file and upped the db's so you can hear the sound
  8. buds look swell mane!

    you live in cali and have a street dealer? right?

    chronic either way
  9. Like your shit its nice

  10. thanks man

    Yeah depends though, i know a guy who's a medicinal deliverer who sells to me from SJ dispensaries.

    Another dealer is 215 caretaker licensed, his brother and him grow and there's been times were cruisin in his benz with 5 pounds in the trunk, gotta love cali

    But yes otherwise my main connects are street dealers, one's like i said, supplied from a government grower he knows, and the other being a normal citizen who just sells for extra cash, doesn't smoke pot at all.
  11. got this for ten last night, great smoke sesh out of a 3 footer and my bong and a big group on a long summer night :smoke:
  12. Err, dope pictures and some great prices but bud, time to learn to roll a joint! Sorry, don't mean any hate, true love for the MMJ and respect as a stoner but those joints are horrid. :3
  13. #13 ChaliTuna, Aug 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 27, 2012
    I'm not really a joint roller, i'm just getting into em...more into blunts and such, usually use my joint roller but when i lost my grinder i switched to doing it all by hand, doesn't help rolling thin papers while having shaky hands!

    here's some shipwreck i get straight from a grower, his trainwreck is pure bliss

    here's a pic of a bowl packed in my pipe, just lost it...feel heartbroken without it aha
    as you can tell the quality improved in my pictures, that is because i found my charger for my camera! as of now all of my pickups will be better documented :smoke:
  14. That pipe reminds me of the sandworms in the old beetle juice cartoon.
  15. Makes sense bud, rolling a joint is much harder to learn than rolling a blunt. If you want to learn how I roll kings for the past 5 years, it's the same way Wiz Khalifa does, search for Wiz's video called "How to roll a perfect joint" or something of the sort. It's called the King Boat, it's an old style my great uncle taught me and it's straight up SOLID.

  16. Yeah i do the boats when i'm using zags, that white one was from that method and came out solid...the picture doesn't do justice, but raws are a bit trickier so i like to do those the normal way :smoke:
  17. I don't know how to break this to you but that Beats case is really not impressive. Just kind of shows how you don't know that much about audio and are willing to sacrifice money and sound quality for style, and then feel the need to justify the purchase by showboating your not-so-great purchase. But on a happier note, nice pickups. They look so damn tasty. Cheers! :)

  18. I don't know how to break this to ya but i kind of live in a small town, look it up, Atascadero. More of a country like town, small population, town where almost everybody is related in some way believe it or not. But we don't really get the options out here like you guys do, if i could get other better ones around here that come with a 2 year warranty, hell i probably would. As you say, the beats bag may might not be impressive to you, but hell another man's trash is another man's treasure, that lil baggie there holds an eighth and my bowl piece for my bong when i take it in my backpack and keeps the smell out so free shit, is useful shit. Should try the beats though my man, they're definitely not the best earphones i've used but they put me in my own world when i'm high and that bass bumps with quality for old school mixtapes. Thanks for the appreciation though:hello:

  19. Nice bud dude. I just had to say I swear Ive hit a practically identical pipe haha. I got a little weirded out.

  20. i miss that pipe so much :(
    got really bored and rolled this fatty, got me and a couple friends beyond blasted :smoke:
    couple dutchies and a swisher

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