bubbling blunder!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chikkybabe, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. i think that one of my airstones got disconnected last night as i was moving one of the bubblers into bed...coz this morning the whole plant was DROOPING like ive never seen....

    but bfore i checked the airstone (of course) I did what any new grower would do and PANIC! i changed the water and nutes...then i decided to chop aff all the large fan leaves (believing that the plant didnt have enuf light) then discovered that my baby was drowning...sob sob...

    so my question is...becoz i took off alot of the fan leaves in a mad panic (mainly the bottom ones) would i have done much damage???

    could one of the airstones being disconnected for 12 hours cause THIS much damage to my baby???
  2. the airsones being damaged is ok when the huricane isibella came up the east coast this fall there wanst much problems wit the hydro guys having plants crap out because tehy are altight until 18+ ours of no o2 in the roots. A bit of hydrogen per oxide (1/2 tsp gal) would have fixed the problem allong with fixing the stone.

    the fan leaf removal wont cause to much dmage, you may haev lost some lower growth points thoug because the leaves power the new shoot that would have came out of that node. if your doing SOg your fine, if you plan on scrog or training you just lost a few tops so you will have less colas but they will each be bigger.

    For all you anti "soil is better then hydro for noob growers" guys, this is a prime example that soil is better for noobs.
  3. dont call him a noob he didnt even know it hapened I'm sure he learned a valuable lesson from this and has become a better farmer for it :p
  4. you mean dont call HER a noob....:)
  5. just quickly then...if a bubbler can go 18 hrs with no oxygen, then what else may have caused the plant to droop this way....it looks like a plant does when its been overwatered...

    how long should it take to recover from its "condition" if it was due to lack of O2? it looks sad!
  6. Firts off i hope you know i ment no offense with the should a noob use soil or hydro. This was a noob over reaction and she even admited to it. I hope you took no offence fellow growess :).

    And just a note, when a plant dosent get enough light particulay blue 460nm spectrum if my memory serves me you will get a plant that stretches and grows lanky, and too much light just burns the plant.

    Yes it was just showing the signs that an overwatered plant shows wich is really thet it isnt geting any 02 to the roots, to use the water and nutes its absorbing so they build up. no worry your plans should get beter within the next few days and recover nicely. Hey, at least you wont have to change the nutes for another 1-2 weeks or so because you just put new in :D.

    whats your current setup, light, pump, ferts, genetics ect? Do you have a growlog?
  7. no offence taken grower....i knew the risks when i started hydro, i was even coming into the city bfore i started the grow...and was told by several people to try soil first...but wouldnt listen.

    i put my sativas into paper towel on september 13 th and put them into the 600w hps 1 week later, also adding my indicas on that day...out of 9 seeds in total ALL germinated thankfully..and i am 10 days into flowering at present..

    i have 6 bubblers running and 1 in soil in the growroom. have already lost 1 male and i have a hermie which has been banished to my greenhouse. so far all the sats are female...im still waiting for 2 of the indicas to show sex...

    at present the sativas stand43 inches from the top of the bubbler with the indicas at half that height.

    all was going well until the airstone disconnected....i have the bubblers running independently, i thought this would b safer 4 the first grow, but is also very time consuming when it comes to changing nutes...next grow i will use a reservoir...and wont b so greedy, flower sooner!

  8. 20 australian dollars 4 the airpump, a couple of bucks for the airline, buckets 4 free coz i have a friend who is a plasterer, light cost 270, i use riverstones in the buckets, and i made the pots myself by drilling holes into standard 6inch lastic pots...then i just did a little remodelling in a large closet and voila...oh yeah the seeds were given to me.

    ps are you still a nudist...lmao.
  9. i have a dual outlet air pump 4 a fishtank but i just use joiners to run 3 buckets off each outlet...so far they seem to b doing okay, but id feel better if i had another pump coz it doesnt seem to aerate evenly this way..beginning to b a concern now theyre so big, wouldnt want to underaerate.

    hey i was jus thinkin, its been REAL humid here for the past 3 days, and because i dont usually vent at night could this have contributed ina ny way to my droopy predicament???
  10. HIGH All, no it's probably from a lack of oxygen. What I have is a duel outlet air pumps also. If I have six Bubble Buckets I have 3 pumps and each line goes to a different bucket...so if a problem like you just had there would still be one line working in the Bucket..make sense?

    Soil...Hydro...it's your preference. I give you credit for taken up a challenge like Hydro.....we All know how learning goes...we learn by our mistakes.

    chikkybabe maybe super clue the lines to the pump and stone.

    I guess you'll be checking everything after moving them eh.

    Has she (fingers crossed) perk up yet?
  11. what size poump are we talking do you knwo the volume of air? the more air the better so you shoul look into mabety getting 2 more or just get one big industrial one.
  12. well i THINK that she looks a little better today...ive stared at her that much i cant remember how bad she started..lol

    i most definitely will be double checking all airlines from now on...theyre getting moved on friday to a new home (they are currnntly in a double closet in my bathroom, but i am going to have to donate the whole actual bathroom to growing them as theyre getting a little cramped in there) so i wont need to be moving them in and out from now on...

    the pump im using puts out 200l/h out of each outlet....but like i said im going to get another one coz some of the buckets are getting more air than the others...not good...

    by the way i DO have another bathroom....i wont have to pee outside...lol

    unoit...i was told that when my buckets are half empty to refill with water only then the next time they need refilled to give them new nutes...what are your thoughts on this...personally i dont do it...i just changes solution...but do they NEED to have this break from full strength???
  13. you are suposed to top off the buckets as often as possible. Top off with 1/2 strength nutes. I dont know where you got that info from.

  14. when i was first doing research into bbs i got hold of a "how-to" link of building and maintaining them, it wasnt in grasscity but...i have never asked anyone in here...i just assumed that the info was correct ...obviously not...lol..

    i personally believe that it would be better 4 the pants to just give them new solution...then there would be no buildup of anythhing that the plant has not used...a little more pricey but of course...
  15. the salt buildup dosent become bad enough to effect growth until 1-2 weeks depending on the plant and res size, the more res water and hte smaller the plant the less buildup.

  16. HIGH All, it's what I do...just change solution. I change my nutes every week...no I don't think they need a break.

    Glad you think it's coming back. What kind of ferts you feeding them?
  17. im using a 2-part nutrient solution called optimum bloom that i ordered from the hydro shop where i got my light etc...he recommended it, was good enuf 4 me.

    bcoz i live ina small town out in the stix i dont have alot of choices when it comes to stuff like that...however im open to trying other things, what do you use yourself?
  18. Chciky babe, I think you need to keep your nutes at full strength between changing the res. If you use an EC meter to measure the nute concnetration, you can tell when to top the res with plain and when to top of with nutes, Just keep some extra jugs around and when you mix up your next res. go ahead and fix up a jug full of full strenght nute water and keep aside. Then when you need to top off, either to with plain or top with nut water.
  19. ok big poppa...ill try and get hold of one of those sounds like a good investment...

    on a darker note i seem to have big probs with this droopy plant...ive had to change nutes every day so far coz the roots seem to....smell a bit....i imagine i had an algal or bacterial problem which the high humidity and lack of O2 probably contributed to...when i was changing solution it really wasnt taking very long at all for it to go somewhat cloudy....my question is should i wash the roots??

    i believe there is bacteria or algae on my rocks at the bottom of the net pot so im trying to keep the liquid below this point so they dry out...im worried about stressing it, but on the other hand i dont want to lose it either!

    the bucket has been cleaned thoroughly but id really like to flush the pot...any ideas guys b4 its too late!
  20. The algae that gets into bubblers leaves a red film on the root and it is cused by light leaks into the bucket.

    I would try rinsing the roots gently. What pH are you running your system at?

    Have you tried adding Protekt silicon solution. The silicon type products are supposed to help the root system from stress.

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