Bubblicious using CFL's and LST

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Busted, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Hello all and welcome to my first grow journal :wave:

    On the 24th i started to germ 6 bubble beans using the paper towel method. All had popped by friday and were planted into there new home for a while :D
    All but 1 is above ground now and looking ok so far, there under 80 watts of cfl's for the time being. The soil is a mix of 1/2 potting soil 1/4 perelite and 1/4 vermiculite.
    No pics at the moment but will post some up soon :)

  2. Your going to need a lot more flours! But sounds good so far.
  3. Put up some pics. Make sure those CFL are real close, like 2-3 inches. What is your set up?
  4. Hi Purilite and ibowl and thanks for stopping by :)

    Purilite, 80 watts will be ok for now and when the time comes i'll add another 80watt for during the vegging.

    Ibowl, I'll get onto some pics asap.
    I like to keep my cfl's a maxium of 2 inches away from the top of the plants then use lst to keep everything pretty level ;)
    The space i've got for now is only 2sqft by 3ft high, there's a small desk fan blowing over the sprouts and lights.
    Thats about it i think, once my white widows have finished flowering the bubbles will be going into the flowering cab.

    I'm hoping for a decent female ratio, seeing as the 4 bubble i already grew were all male i'm hoping for atleast 3 females outta the 6

    I think this journal could do with a splash of colour so here's a pic of 1 of my WW thats flowering at the moment :D
    Pic taken on day 12 of 12/12
  5. i'm diggin it so far... :bongin:
  6. you grew that with 80w of fluro's? pretty damn good if thats the case. :)
  7. lol no her and her sister are under 240watt of cfl's had 5 under but 3 were male. The seedlings are under 80 watts on 18/6 for now, that increase as they grow.
  8. Time for an update with some pics :)

    Right 1st off the 1 that didn't sprout has now been removed as there was no sign of life lol. The other 5 are all doing ok so far.
    I haven't really done anything yet apart from water them and let them do there own thing :D
    Here's some pics of them on day 5 of veg, what'd you think?





  9. lookin good...
  10. Time for an update,

    Yesterday i add another 80watts into the cab, making it 160watts at the moment.
    All 5 plants are doing well. Still just water for them at the moment to.
  11. i second that! keep us posted man!
    Just Blaze It.....
  12. those r some pretty girls man. you gave me some hope on using cfls. im on my first grow about the size of your seedlings using 2 smaller cfls.
  13. hey busted, whats up?

    as you may remember, im also growing bubblegum under cfl's, my girls (fingers crossed) are about 3 weeks old. i dont think i have as much light as you though, only 120W. but theres so much mylar i think the plants are doing fine. itll be nice to compare.


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