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  1. First time grow here. Thank you to all you guys out there who share info and experiences about cannabis. I have learned so much and continue to"grow" ha!

    Anyway I am currently growing a bubblicious autoflower and a mystery bag seed from some bud I was smoking a whole back. So I germed it crossing my fingers. ****looks like a promising female and def indicate strain of some sort.
    MY QUESTION : Are my plants looking a bit stunted? I feel like they should be bigger but I kno I am in a small grow area. Any advice would be good!

    5 gal space bucket grow
    Lighting: 2 60w daylight CFLs/ warm led strip around the inside of the bucket
    18/6 schedule

    2 pc fans for intake/ exhaust

    Soil: started both in MG organic potting mix ( I kno not the best but my babies were taking off!) re planted in FF ocean forest about 5 days ago

    Water/nutes: gave pH water nute mix of 1mL/ gal then 3mL/gal now giving 5mL/gal

    Nutes are FF Big bloom/ grow big
    Giving 1mL of tiger bloom to the bubblicious now.

    Temps are between 75-86 F
    Humidity is average around 40-50%

    Bottom 2 pics are the mystery at day 25 just lstd and bubblicious at day 33
    Your thoughts? Thanks guys!

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  2. Updates on the bubblicious and mystery. Cut the bubble after 65 days. Definitely stunted it . I did not know I shouldn't transplant autos. Live and learn. Drying currently. About 56g wet:/ not much but excited to smoke!! Smells suuuuper sweet. Excited about the mystery too. definitely female about 9 days into flower finally showing some lady parts. Excited to see how this finishes!

    Bubble the day of cut
    IMG_1364.JPG IMG_1373.JPG

    Mystery a few days ago

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  3. I've also recently upgraded my bucket Grow

    Running cfl a for seedlings and early veg
    And leds for flower. (Mars hydro 300w)

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  4. Little update on the mystery... looking fantastic! Def gonna need to think about space I think....

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