bubbles is sad you guys

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. and girls....:( ..well here is the story..

    Well i went over to my bros house and him and his daughter and his wife are currently visiting my grandpa in north carolina so e went to his house he locked all the doors so i used my ninja styles and climbed through a window:p and went in and he has a little beagle named gabby who is real timid, and i go in his house get a little bottle of some alcohol and 2 beers and pack of cigs(its like a super market ;) ) we share like that..and i took some firecrackers and one of my old zippos he took from me awhile ago and me and my pops took the doggy home..well she wasnt at my house for 20 minutes and she ran aways:( she sneaked out our back door and i ran after her for a good 10 minutes before i lost her and we drove around for a good hour looking for her..i dont know how im going to tell my 3 year old niece i lost her doggy :( ...well at least i can get drunk tonight.,,..i will post some pics later..
  2. Dude man that really sucks.. hopefully you are able to find it or something.. does it have tags?
  3. really sorry to hear it bubs.

    keep checkin in at the pound!

    Your little neice will be sad no doubt, but anybody who has bubbles as their uncle isn't gonna be sad for long, eh?!

    hope they understand!

    last bowl of my stash goes to you, buddy.
  4. fuck i thought this thread was gunna be about you missing guy from the 70's for some reason....not to bring that up and make you more sad...but maybe if you put like some weed on a plate in your front yard the puppy would come back cus its attracted to it...fuck i dunno im sorry though
  5. yes i do miss guy form the 70s too really bad..but im still sad
  6. but at least im sittin here drinkin some killians irish red liten to sublime buzzin nicely
  7. damn man that sucks. we almost lost our dog, first dat at our new house, but we found her. she was a beagle too!
  8. sorry to hear that bubbles :(

    Good Luck finding the dog
  9. You'll find her, no worries.
  10. im trying nmot too...man im pretty drunk now..i wish she would have came to me
  11. I found the dog but I didn't realise it was yours so I sold it on eBay for a handsome profit.

    Your dog is now somewhere in Eastern Europe.

    Sorry man :(

    Nah, I'm just fucking wid ya, I actually BBQ'd it (What? I had the munchies!)

    Nah, not really.

    I'm just trying to cheer you up! :p

    Lol :D
  12. it made me sad
  13. just circle the neighborhood on foot for a few hours and you'll probably find her.

    if not, go find a beagle puppy at a local shelter and act like nothing happened.
  14. she isnt that young she know what her dog looks like man
  15. put signs up asap dude! on stop signs and shit. :eek:
  16. ok i will do LOL cover up a stop sign hell yeah
  17. well dude finding the dog is more important than maybe causing a car accident.

    hahaha, no i mean UNDER the stop sign. on the pole, you know
  18. Check your bros house again...the dog may have went home..
  19. yeah signs, and call all the local shelters tommorow and ask them to keep a lookout or osmething
  20. good luck man, hope u find the doggy soon.

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