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    are bubblers as healthy on the lungs as bongs? and what do you call a bubbler at a head shop?
  2. to answer your first question they will both give you cancer eventually thats the only factual answer your gunna get and when your in a shop just call it a miniature water pipe they will know what your talking about most likely
  3. There is no proof that marijuana causes cancer. Studies have shown no link between lung cancer and a lifetime of smoking weed.
  4. No, but the burning plant matter itself causes cancer. I'm not saying you WILL get cancer, but inhaling smoke of any kind is bad for your lungs.

    Also, I took a hit from a bubbler the other day and it hurt like shit.
  5. i got another question on bubblers...can you smoke outta a bubbler if you don't have any water in it? i dont plan on not putting water in a bubbler if i get it, I was just wondering if you could smoke it dry if you dont have access to water.
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    I do not recall reading anywhere that marijuana smoke causes cancer. In fact i remember reading that their has been no documented case showing a connection between the two, research a little before stating these so called "facts".

    As for the OP's question..Im not really sure bro. I know that bubblers give you a smaller hit because the chamber is smaller but I dont know how much this effects lung health. I know one thing though, if you inhale to strongly with a bubbler you will inhale water and that is defineately not good for your lungs...try them both and see which one you like better.

    EDIT: Lolz "larinus" beat me too it. I need to type faster next time haha.
  7. it will fcuk up your bub.

    and if you want water filtration, just get a bong.
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    You don't need water to hit a bubbler, they're alright but they're not as good as a full-blown bong, and it depends on the headshop but they probably won't care if you call it a bubbler. That's just what you call a hand-held pipe with water filtration.
    Actually, there is no documented link between lung cancer and marijuana smoking. Other lung related problems? Of course. But it's not actually carcinogenic.

  9. i wanted something more compact and mobile than a bong
  10. I have a bubbler. It is a smooth hit that will get you ripped. you can take big, smooth hits wet or dry. I love mine, it is sweet.

  11. ehh... bubblers are alright, but the tiny amount of water filtration doesn't do much except prevent you from inhaling debris. plus they stink to high heaven, they're difficult to clean, they're a hassle to maintain and smoke out of (having to dry the bowl and all after filling)

    ...basically, i'd save my money and buy a nice bowl
  12. the highest ive ever been was smoking out of a bubbler...thats after smoking blunts,joints,bongs and spoons... pretty soon im going to be buying one from my local shop.

    not to say that i dont have equal love for all smoking accessories:smoke:
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    There is no proof, no one even knows how Tobacco smoke causes cancer, they have ideas but no proof. Oh yeah and Tobacco contains radioactive material (both naturally and fertilizer i think) and those MAY be the things that cause the cancer.

    Plus your lungs have been evolving for thousands of years, you would be pretty naive to think that they dont know how to clean themselves.

    You never know, Marijuana could be 100% safe to smoke, i wouldnt go as far as to say it is 100% safe, but lung cancer from a few hits a week (average pot smoker), pfft please.
  14. dude your so full of it the shit is coming out your ears.
  15. I agree, but with less harshness. No need to get hostile.
  16. i've owned 3 bubblers. i liked them till i got a bong.
  17. well since you owned so many you mind telling me how smoking them without water will fuck them up? i mean it just doesnt make sense to me kid.
  18. I'm getting a bubbler this weekend, and I dunno why all of you are hattin on them. Do they really smell though?
  19. i have 2 bubblers of my own and a bong, i acually perfer to smoke out of my bubblers then my bong. they dont smell really that much and it may be a pain in the ass to dry the bowl and piece when u put water in it but it take like 2 mins to dry the piece and bowl. i like it cuz its nice and protable, can get a pretty decent hit and they look pretty cool if u get an awesome one.
  20. resin collects in the chamber that holds water and leaves a permanent residue which otherwise wouldn't happen if there was water in the chamber. each time after that one smokes from the bubbler with water, the smoke will taste stale.

    you can fix it for the most part by cleaning it thoroughly with 420 and rock salt, but who wants to do that all the time?

    and like i said, it is a permanent invisible residue, which stiiinks when it gets wet.

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