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bubblers, small bongs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by watermelon, May 19, 2006.

  1. i like the idea of pipes, but from my experience i havnt enjoyed them. they are always hot and nasty tasting. and i didnt ever really feel stoned from it.

    i havnt however tried a bubbler. now the idea sounds good to me, and i can imagine myself enjoying one. but i realised that a bubbler is surely just the same as a really small bong. excpet without the cooling effect of the larger volume of water and the expansion of the chamber.

    now i dont really like bongs very much, i used to, but i came down with a nasty case of pluracy, and then switched to joints. now ive learned to love joints and its the only way i smoke. now whenever i toke a bong i cant help but find it unpleasent. it just tastes horrible and tickles the back of my throat. plus its over in a second, i want it to last half an hour like a good joint does.

    from your guys experience is a bubbler like a really small bong, or is it the cool multiple toking vision i have?
  2. From my experience, bubblers are a very pleasant way to smoke. As you inferred, it does hit like a bong, albeit a very, very small one. Essentially, a bubbler is like a regular pipe, but the smoke is milder, cooler, and better tasting. Even though the volume isn't as big, it has its merits. Sometimes I like to be able to take lots of hits without getting blown immediately, you know?

    Don't expect to get a 30 minute bowl from one, though. Nothing really lasts as long as a joint or a blunt.

    The only problem with a bubbler is that sometimes it's tough to fill with water, etc., especially when you're high.

    I'd say... get a simple one to see what you think. You'll probably love it, and there's nothing to lose, except for maybe $30. Or, just borrow one.
  3. i dont really expect it to last as long as a joint or blunt, but i dont want a one hitter. wheres the fun in that?! and i dont want to have to pack it every five minutes.

    really i just want somthign thats alot nicer than the harshness of a bong but is diffrent to just smoking joints like i always do. i miss the collection and comunal aspect of bongs.

    i might have a look around for a cheap one and see how i like it.

    can anyone recommened somthing below £30?
  4. omg.........
  5. Great post:rolleyes:

    I think bubblers are really cool, and no they won't last like a J or a blunt. The bigger you pack the bowl though the longer it will last, so if your looking for a bubbler make sure it has a nice big bowl. As for bongs being harsh I don't know what your talking about, and there are a bunch of bubblers here on GC or just go to your local headshop.
  6. i picked up a fine bubbler for 55 dollars, not to expensive, and way better that any pipe that would cost that much.

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