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bubblers, sherlocks, bongs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by de.fresh, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. alright...

    so ima be honest and say i havent really smoked in long time due to some circumstances (job you can say)

    so i wanna know...

    whats the difference between a bubbler and a sherlock...

    and does anybody prefer these over a bong?

    i loved my old bong but my buddies bubbler was the shit, and i was too stoned to realize what the difference was with my other friends sherlock..

    i hear so much about sherlocks..

    so, like i said, whats the main difference
  2. Hmm.... at least be like a freshmen in high school before lieing about your age :p

    If you're serious, a sherlock is in the form of a sherlock holmes style pipe, or the type he's usually depicted as smoking. a meerchasm pipe, I think it's called. only usuaally glass. a bubbler actully uses water, but can be in the shape of a sherlock. they often mix or cross over.
  3. meerchaum pipes are only referring to the actual material, and bubblers hit smoother, i have a hand pipe and i love it. but i do like a bong too, its just preference
  4. haha everyone here is so worried about people lying about age. Nah man im really 21 just havent really smoked since i was 18 so...(yeah dumb ass job shit, random dt every month) but i remember loving my friends bubbler and seeing them on the same page as sherlocks, then hearing sherlocks rule.


    a sherlock is just a bubbler but shaped like a sherlock holmes smoking pipe? does water or not factor in?

    yeah this is dumb to be asking, thats why its in apprentice...oh and thanks for the replies. preferably i love anything with water
  5. A sherlock is just a regular bowl, but shaped like the pipe Sherlock Holmes is depicted with (a Calabash pipe). Think of it as a regular old spoon pipe, but with the stem in a U-shape. There's nothing special about sherlocks except they're a little bit more comfortable to hold. You already know what a bubbler is.
  6. [​IMG]

    A "sherlock" is the same thing, but usually in glass.


    This is a double bubbler, but note the downpipes that go from the bowl to the extra large "chamber", I guess you'd call it, where the water is held. There's another downpipe going from the first chamber to the second. Works just the same as a bong, but the downpipe and bowl are integrated into the piece.
  7. sweet, thanks man. that piece looks sick:cool:
  8. i gotta say i love bubblers, i really love hitting a nice bong too, but bubblers are easier to hide if you need to and they cool down the smoke a bit but not as much as a bong. however you can tolerate alot bigger hits off a bubbler compared to a dry piece.

    i dont think i could pick one way of smoking over something else i think that all ways are unique in thier own way which is what makes it hard for me to pick one over another.

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