Bubbler what do you think?

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  1. thats ill, i want it.
  2. No furreal I want to buy it just how would it smoke? Does it look like nice glass?
  3. Its nice
    id buy it
  4. i like it, it looks thick.
    It looks like it needs ALOT of water thou so not a carrier.
  5. I bought from this guy before check out the pipe in sig. idc how heavy it is I am just worried if its going to have a lot of draw or something...

  6. fuck you I didn't need shit... Why be a dick?

  7. Don't buy glass pieces online, since you have no idea how the flow is, and if there are any cracks/imperfections in it.

    IMO it's ok for 75 bucks, I can find better at the headshop with some bargaining.
  8. ha you fail.
    anyways, it looks sweet, but i personally wouldn't buy it. only because im not a fan of tall bubblers.
  9. It looks like it needs a lota water to fill up to the downstem, but other than that it looks pretty nice.
  10. Lol that was kinda funny I gotta admid, but not needed, - rep

  11. Yeah so does that mean it will still smoke nicely?
  12. It looks like it should smoke good, but I still don't trust online headshops.
  13. first off i wasnt meaning to be a dick i just felt like posting that and help him out but thanks for the flaming it was appreciated
  14. dude there weren't friendly intentions with your post

  15. i think it was funny, i dont know why everyone flipped over a small joke.

    they must be pmsing
  16. Yeah so does that mean it will still smoke nicely?[/QUOTE]

    More water = less room for smoke.
  17. It looks legit, i'd probably buy that.

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