BUBBLER WARS! have you ever seen such a nice...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by growbig, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. I just got this bubbler a little while ago. It's a double-perculator and is almost completely dycro with some dna dycro craziness intertwining all over.

    Well if you have a better one, or you just want to show off your bubbler DO IT HERE! I've been smoking great Jack Herer out of it right now. (really RIGHT NOW as i write )


    So here are the pics, This one shows how much this bubbler can put down. You can rip this thing so hard being doulbe perc'ed SO NICE.

    Aight later guys hit me up at paul_yegr@yahoo.com

    SO. CAL!

    This bubbler really finsihes off the collection! There is a 4 foot worked glass tube in the other room also...
  2. Well, nice bubbler, thats for sure, but you should probably learn to use it ;)
  3. dam u dont want to see my stuff (foil pipe,2 liter coke bong) :) ever time i have money i get weed...
  4. Nice sig man!!
  5. weedlord, do yourself a favor and go to a hardware store, buy $2-3 worth of brass fittings and fasion yourself a pipe. aluminum foil is evil and dangerous.

    nice bubbler man, i have seen cooler but no picks. they weren't double percs though so yours probably hits better
  6. nice. is that glittery?! thats nice..I like the last pic the best ;) are you at college? kinda looks like yea might be..
  7. damn that's quite an impressive collection...i'd like to see the 4 footer though....
  8. nice collection......but what are you doing with that branch??.....you do know that you're meant to break it up and fit it in?.....i would have thought you would know that as grass is never sold on the branch.....so either you grow or someone you know does......hence it being a bad idea to post a pic of yourself and your e-mail......just a thought.....Peace out...Sid
  9. that is the prettiest bubbler I've ever seen.
  10. Hey growbig how much did that bubbler cost you?? :smoking::D

  11. yes im in college in san diego,

    it looks glittery under the light, its cracked glass really, the first layer cracks in the oven; in other words its on purpose.
    for that look.

    when the sun hits it, it looks a different color from which direction you look at it. it does not photograph well though for some reason.

  12. alright then here you go

    i cleaned all my water pieces today and had a photo session
    didnt get the results i wanted though. ill try again sometime soon.

    i had some friends pose with the bong for you, here they are.


    and here is a good pic of the collection


    stay cool guys...

  13. i live in san diego, a blower dropped off two bubs at a smoke shop like most of em do just to pick up some flow you know.

    the bub had always been marked around $650 or 7; one day my friend went in and they marked a couple hundred bucks off in front of him; actually they didnt even get the tag switched before he bought it.

    then i ended up buying it from him
    its the best hitting double perc i have ever smoked on for sure and its a beaut too.

    here are a couple more pics.


    keep tokin man...
  14. sweet sweet SWEET!! nice man


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