Bubbler vs Bong

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  1. What is the technical difference between a large bubbler and a bong? Is there one?

  2. Not really, though honestly I prefer the scientific bubblers over a lot of bongs. 
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    Bubblers usually have a carb whereas the bongs have a bowl you slide out. Other than that they're pretty similar.  The scientific bubblers are nice...basically they have fancy percolators vs a standard bong. 
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  4. If your not a big smoker then get a bubbler if you don't always have it with water its easier to hide a bubbler and you can make great hits by putting ice in there and water the hits taste great and Sherlock bubblers look the coolest
  5. I love my bong and would never consider replacing it with a bubbler. The two just don't compare. But I do like that a scientific-style bubbler with a simple quartz bucket makes for one of the best budget dab rigs you can get.
  6. Just got my first bubbler yesterday. A grav lab hammer bubbler and the thing hits so Damn smooth and it gets me fried. Gets dirty a little too quick but a little more stealthier than a bong.

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