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    I've never smoked out of a bubbler so I'm not really versed in it but I'm thinking of getting one or maybe a small-ish bong. SO I made this thread for people to talk about their bubblers and bongs even show them off if they want, to maybe get some insight.

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  2. A small bubbler hits more like a pipe. Then there is your bong sized bubbler which is close to a bong in size and smoothness. I personally like bongs for big hits but I think there is more flavour In bubblers.

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  3. I like bubblers like the ones in the thread in my signature. Though, they may be considered one or the other.
  4. I own both. If you are trying to be stealthy definitely go with the bubbler. I had a Sherlock style bubbler and a mini bong. They were both 6 inches tall. The bubbler tasted really good and it was easier to hide. Plus it got me the highest I think. And they are much cheaper
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    I honestly don't even like bubblers. They're small like spoons, but you gotta be careful or you'll spill water all over the place. And you can't just put it in your pocket, or have it in your car. 

    I think if you want to use water, just get a bong and if you want something small like a bubbler, just get a spoon. I notice no difference between a good bowl rip, and a good bubbler hit. 
    Plus, bubblers are a BITCH to try to clean. Everytime I try I end up breaking the stem. 
  6. My first piece was a sherlock bubbler, eventually I lost it. It was a great first piece. Later I bought a nice sized mini bong which worked well. My favorite method of smoking is from a bong. Now I have a rather large bubbler with a back carb (it was the best deal I could find in the headshop). It functions more as a bong than a spoon for sure and I love it.
  7. Bubblers can be iffy, IMO they gota be at least a certain size (at least 6 inches) and hopefully offer a diffused downstem or perc to consider use over a joint/blunt or pipe and might as well go with a bong as even shitty bongs usually offer more diffusion and cooling then a basic bubbler would. 
    I suggest if you are going to go with a bubbler make sure its got a nice perc or is at least a big enough size (6 inches), id recommend this as a nice starting point:
    I own this piece and it hit like a beast, its only down side is how fragile and light weight it is. If you knock it over too hard it definitely could break or the perc snap off, a nice basic bong, even an acrylic one wouldnt have this issue.
  8. It depends on the bubbler. 
    Personally, I will always love my bong.  
    But there are some bubblers out there that I would love to have. 
    It all depends on how much you spend on the bubbler. Like stated above, go for a good Sherlock bubbler! 
    I bought a bubbler that looks like a mini bong, and of course it's just horrid haha. 
  9. I'll take a bong over a bubbler, but I do have a bubbler that I use pretty regularly. I don't have a bong at the moment
  10. I am new to smoking and I have used a bowl and a bubbler. I like the bubbler because you don't really get the heat when you inhale. Plus you can put ice in it along with the water and it really makes it worth it!
  11. i have had many of each and my 2 cents is.......BONG...every time.........
    bubblers are cool, but if you like to session with your friends and smoke more than just one bowl bubblers get annoying....spilled water, water up the downspout/.wet bowl/ clearing the ash without water mess...plus they are a pain in th ass to get real clean again (depending on design i guess)
    bubblers just get to be a hassel unless your just gonna do 1 bowl and be done for a long time.
    i have a great pure bong with 4 different bowl pieces..everyone just takes a bowl and then we go through them one after the other.
    plus i can rig it up to the ol' vapor bros. (my personal fav vape) and vape....or put on a Ti Nail and just get toasted
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    I haven't smoked from bubblers that much , but i'd rather have a bong. Being able to milk a huge bong it is way more satisfying than a hit from a bubbler in my opinion. Bubblers just hit like a smoother spoon for me. A bubbler is like a spoon and a bong combined, but i'd rather just pick one or the other than mess with like a hybrid of the two that is apparently more trouble, from what people are saying on here.
    You just don't get the same impact with a bubbler than if you were to inhale a milked bong hit. With a bubbler you're like gradually inhaling smoke whereas with a bong you fill up the chamber and inhale all the smoke really quick. Think about it a bong is like the shot glass of smoking and that accompanied with the water cooled smoke is what makes me really like them. Hope that makes sense im toasted lol.
  13. I had a sherlock bubbler that actually worked really well. I really only used it to smoke on my own though, because my friend has a sweet bong we usually use. So if you just like to pack a bowl or two on your own a bubbler is awesome. But bongs are definitely better to hit with your friends. Unfortunately I just broke the "downstem" in my bubbler. RIP :(

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    I own this and think it is better than a small bong
    I just noticed how much water they put in that. I use less than half of that because it starts to come up the bowl stem, hmmm.
  15. i prefer bubbler 
  16. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1392729628.026825.jpg my old bubbler. R.I.P. Little Foot. Was the best for personal use. But hanging with people I pref bong

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  17. I was just about done cleaning it. That's why there is so much water

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  18. Just got my first bubbler the other day, gotta say i love it! But its super hard to keep clean and its pretty harsh on the lungs, but i love the effect it gives you, much prefer it over my bong i have ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392740386.437781.jpg . $110 dollars from my local flee market.

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    If anyone is going to get a bubbler I'd pick up a grav lab or anything with this design, hits harder than a lot of bongs I've tried, comes with a gram bowl & a showerhead, and for only 60$ it was a steal. Just bought a $600 RooR so I'm not going to be using her too much anymore though :( 1392741406848.jpg 1392741434741.jpg

    Who Dat!

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