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  1. hi folks just a quick question someone can hopefully help me out with and thats where are my roots supposed to be in relation to the water in a bubble cloner? in or just above? just made a homemade one with a rubber maid. any help is appreciated , thanks
  2. Practice with some toothpicks or something first, leave maybe 1" from the surface of the water. Check back in 30 minutes if the whatever you stick in there is getting moist from the bubble splashing you're good to go.
    Whenever my stems actually touch the water I do not get roots

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  3. I also use a tote style tub setup for my small 12 clone max bubbler I try to keep the water at 1/2 inch below the bottom of the clones stems..I use two fish aquarium air stones in a small 2 gallon tote tub. I reversed the lid so it sits lower in the tub...and I have two different humidity domes (other tote tubs) one is clear and the other is smoke grey but opaque and allows some minimal light in for the beginning phases of rooting..so the clones don't get "too much light" and become lazy. I just use a simple aquarium heater which probably was made with gold fish in mind..it heats the water to 24 C ..but seems to hover around 26 C...which in my experience is a few degrees too warm..so instead of using a chiller I just put the heater on a seperate timer and run it on for 5 minutes off for 1/2 hour...which drops the water to about 24.5 degrees on average..otherwise the heater works well for 13 dollars. I use two overhead 4 ft grow CFCs and several clip on led broad spectrum lights for vegging..on my light table..the extra light hits the bubbler which sits on the floor beside it and seems to be plenty of light for the clones..I don't keep more than 4 plants in veg at a time..as that's what the law says I can..so my clones are more just for security in case a mother dies after harvest before I can bring her back into veg..and for crossbreeding get and making grafts. I'm just a hobby grower so it's all for funnies and I like keeping the price tag on my hobby low...hate paying for unnecessary electricity or materials..

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