Bubbler or Spoon pipe?

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  1. Current I got a small spoon pipe, and I'm getting a new piece next weekend, so I just wanted to know what I should get. Should I get a larger spoon pipe or a bubbler?:smoke:
  2. get a bong. conserves herb, get stoned off less bud.
  3. I don't think bong was in my question..........
  4. ^^Whoa a little sassy...no homo. To me its not even a question, go with the bubbler for sure. They are real nice.
  5. I would say if you are looking to get a larger piece anyway, go with the bubbler. To me the only point of a dry spoon is easier to conceal and smoke on the go.
  6. i would def get a bub
  7. Get a bubbler because the water will cool the smoke thus allowing to take bigger hits. if possible get multiple chambered ones. the more chambers it has, the more smoke can cool
  8. get a bub for sure. nothing beats a water filtered smoke.
  9. If you already have a spoon then a Bub should be your choice...I love my spoon and use it everday...but occasionally Ill want a bubble hit and its nice...gotta love any glass though
  10. Well if you got a spoon than I would go for a bub, I love bubblers I only use my every now and then and when ppl come over but it hits so much smoother than my spoon froggy styles.
  11. just a question: if you're considering a bubbler, why not a bong?
  12. i dont like bubblers. too stinky and messy. i just got a new bowl for my homie and it rips sooo hard.. its got a huge bowl ..

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