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bubbler or pipe??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by snoman420, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. hey gc thinkin of pickin up a new piece this week was originally tinking of getting another spoon but i was wondering if i got a small bubbler would it be a good dry piece as i wouldnt always fill it when smoking a quick bowl? should i get a spoon or a small bubbler this is similar to what i would get i made it a poll so vote if you want or not its up to you. :wave:

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  2. Why not just use your old spoon for quick bowls, and only use the bubbler when you're not being lazy. Takes like two seconds to fill the bubbler, and pipes are disgusting. I enjoy smoking though, so I take my time. I like the fresh air because I never smoke inside. Water pieces are always better, because after awhile or towards the end of the bowl pipes make me want to vomit. I prefer blunts, because they never get all gross unless it's a stale roach.
  3. this should be simple, bubbler

    why would you want two spoons? mix it up, or get a bubbler that has a water chamber if you can
  4. i'd save up some money for a bong man. i voted as such in the poll.

    if that is not an option for whatever reason, go the bubbler. the one in the picture looks pretty good. don't use it without water though, seems pointless to me. it takes like five seconds to fill it, don't be a lazy ass stoner :p

    happy toking :bongin:
  5. Bubbler, for sure. Convenience of a pipe, with the water filtration of a bong.

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