bubbler or cheap bong?

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  1. As much as I love my pipe, I'm getting tired of hot, dry hits and not being able to smoke indoors, so I've decided its time for either a bubbler or a bong.

    I was thinking of something between $50 and $80, give or take a little. Really, I just want something that will be small enough to hide well, and give me cool, moist hits so I don't have to kill my throat and can stealth smoke indoors.

    So, what do you guys think? what are the advantages and disadvantages between the two?
  2. Well hit up soul shine family glass on esty, they have a 10" tube for 40$ and you can get a showerhead downstem for 30$ :D which would be a pretty good setup, easy to tuck away for only 70$ and clean rips :D.
  3. They won't charge u 30 bucks for a showerhead get that tube ask for a showerhead and a worked slide they should do it around the 70 dollar range
  4. Sucks that you're way up in ohio, i make bongs out of liquor bottles in that price range. Showerhead, glass on glass slider, bowl with a carb, you name it. Good luck on your search bro!
  5. you can get a quality bubbler for that price, but the bong would probably be low quality.

    bubbler is easier for stealth.
  6. I got my bong for $40.00 with a diffused down stem and a nice sized bowl.


  7. get the bubbler not only will it get you very high, but it is also very elegant and fancy. I myself have a bubble that I got for $15.00
  8. I have a bubbler very similar to the one below.


    It works FANTASTIC. Does everything thing I want and is very easy to hide. I got it for $40 and I wouldn't even think about selling it.

    Remember, it's much better to go with a high quality bubbler then a shitty knock-off bong.
  9. Well if you want to get super high every time you smoke then go with the bong.:bongin:FOR VICTORY!
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    If you're not trying to conceal anything, a bong will get you higher. In the end a bong is a bong, it's about the hit size. Any decent bong(for example the 40$ one) will give huge hits. And for home use a bubbler would be cumbersome if you like to change the water often.

    But basically its up to what you need..Easy to conceal and use on the go, bubbler.. For mind-numbing rips, a fun way to smoke, and less harsh hit(longer tube more cooling) the bong is definitely the way to go. Andd for a combination HVY offers great color changing beakers with tree perc and ice catcher for 70-80 and I used to take mine places because it was so strong and decent size.
  11. A bong won't get you any higher, but it will give you bigger, smoother hits. A bubbler is more closely related to a pipe then a bong. However I find that bubblers give pretty nice hits, and are the best choice for a stealth piece. I suppose it comes down to what you can find for the price: I'd rather have a nice bubbler then a rubber grommet or china glass bong. If you do get a bubbler get a sherlock because hammers sometimes have problems with drawing water into the stem. Any head shop should have bubblers.
  12. Yeah I'm sure you can get nice rips from your bub and its all about how you smoke because since I've for the most part perfected the art of the bong I found how to take the biggest toke using em. It's simple science, larger hit =more thc in receptors = :hippie:
  13. or several small hits. then you can get the same amount of thc. and since there's less smoke in your lungs, more surface area will hit. Small hits are more efficient, but obviously if you take the same amount hit for hit the bong will get you higher.
  14. I'd get a bubbler, that's my opinion though.
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    Thanks, everyone. I'm starting to lean toward getting a decent glass bong, since I figure I can keep it well hidden and safe enough in my closet. The biggest advantage a bub has is portability, and my pipe works well for that. If I could only find someone to sell my pipe to, I'd definitely get a bubbler in its place
  16. dude get a diffused bub, a cheap bong will just produce some harsh nasty hits, while a decently perc bub will produce some FAT SMOOTH hits. Your lungs will thank me later.

    Check out etsy for Glasstifarian, $88 for a quality peice.
    Plus the gong setup will allow to upgrade in the future.
    Plus the gong setup will allow to upgrade in the future.

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