bubbler dissapeared

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by snoopunit, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. a few weeks ago i bought this bomb bubbler from a convenience store in my town. i was keeping it inside a sock that was folded into another sock, so basically it just looked like a regular pair. anyways last weekend i was hitting my bong when i noticed there was only one sock and the one with the bubbler inside it had gone missing. it's possible someone in my family took it, but i sincerely doubt it. i checked all of my usual stash spots and i can't seem to find it. so here's my question, what do you guys think happened to it?
  2. i could not tell you, you tell me. have you had any friends over since you purchased it? have they seen you put it away where you stash it? are you living with your parents and are under the age of 18?????
  3. maybe while in your sleep you were having a gay sexual dream and you stuffed it up your butt
  4. brother?
  5. yea that's prly it >_> lol
  6. Bubbler dream oh yeah
  7. Your all thinking too hard . It obviously grew legs & walked away
  8. you're in a dream right now, wake up
  9. Your brother was snooping around and found it.
  10. thanks for the bubbler.
  11. damn your parents are getting high as shit

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