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Bubbler Collect Rez?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flyingtigers, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Alright guys so my friend told me how his pipe on the inside it collects all kinds of rez and eventually he's going to break it open to get all the rez out and smoke it. So my question is if i get a bubbler will it also collect lots of rez on the inside or not because i know that you put water in the bottom so i was thinking it probably wont because of the water but im not sure and want to see what you guys say. Thanks :smoke:
  2. Anywhere that the smoke touches the pipe, there will be rez.
  3. Your friend is going to break his pipe to get the resin out? That's completely unnecessary, and a waste of a pipe IMO.

    Anyways, yes, a bubbler will collect resin if you don't clean it regularly, but please don't break it to get the resin out.

  4. Like after 2 years once it completly black inside, hes going to go to some bong shop where the cut it in half for you take all the rez out because once its completly rezed up i dont think he'll beable to use it anymore he said
  5. No, your friend is retarded. Clean it out with rock salt and isopropyl alcohol, or just buy some commercial bong cleaner like Formula 420. That shit will cut through any amount of rez, and leave it pretty much new.

    Also the resin is mainly just tar, fyi. Not the best shit to be smoking.
  6. Smoking rez? Da fuck
  7. There's better ways to get resin out of the pipe...

    I would suggest filling a plastic bag up with some 91% isopropyl alcohol, letting the piece (or multiple pieces) soak for 30 seconds each, and then shake for 30 seconds. Repeat for a second wash if desired. This will extract out the THC and leave most of the crap behind, aside from what flakes off. Pour the baggie out into a pyrex or glass baking pan, let evaporate and then scrape up what's left with a razor blade, bam you just made some quick QWISO hash.

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