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  1. Blaze Glass - Diffuser Fixed Stem Precooler With Adapter - Blue
    Blaze Glass - Circ Perc Downstem Precooler With Adapter - Clear

    What is the difference other than price?

    Black Leaf - 3-Chamber Circ Perc Precooler - Rasta Why is this so expensive? My favorite.
    Molino Pre-coolers - Cobalt 1 section Flame looks amazing but may be not enough?

    WS Double Bubble 18.8 mm Precooler

    Which one should I get?
  2. Links please?
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    blue: 18.8 downstem
    clear: 29.2 circ downstem

    and the difference between the clear 29.2 circ of blaze and the blackleaf 29.2 circ is the work section.

    -blaze comes with a bowl blackleaf doesnt
    - they both include a 14.4 to 18.8 adapter. pretty cool

    they look like illadelph's a/c

    edit: i bought my toro circ a/c for the price of a china worked a/c (blacleaf)
    imo get the clear 29.2 or none
  4. So out of the 5 + I like which is the best?
  5. Any one else?

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