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Bubbler, and Credit Card

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by greymattergirl, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Ok, heres a question for the masses...Wheres a discreet online headshop where you can buy a bubbler and the charge won't be obvious on a CC?
  2. we cant give you competitors of grasscity, but id say that if you are going to be putting this on a CC that a parent looks at, dont do it. especially if they dont know that you smoke. My parents point out stuff on my CC bill all the time and ask what it was for. I think that they have looked at CC bills long enough to recognize abnormal stuff (aka anything ending in .com). If it is your credit card though, nothing you order on here is illegal so it shouldnt matter. sorry i couldnt help more with your actual question but i really do think that its a bad idea to buy a bub on a parents CC
  3. I didnt mean to ruffle GC's lil sis was asking, she didn't want her husband to know. I don't buy online, so I didn't know of any. I ment no disrespect to GC.
  4. Just buy it at a headshop in real life. Her husband will think she went clothes shopping or some random shit like that.
  5. i think you need to relax alittle. nobody got on your case. bam gave you some good information you just didnt explain your situation too well (that youre an adult, etc.)
  6. No worries mate, I just wanted to be clear I wasn't trying to step on any toes.
  7. buy a prepaid at like 711
  8. This would be good too
  9. I got a Prepaid card at the store, but I can't find a single online headshop that accepts them. Probably to prevent minors from buying anything.
  10. Be a good big brother.. Buy it for her and have her pay you back.
  11. They accept them. I've tried it just a couple months ago with grasscity. They just say that so they can't give refunds or whatever when someone uses a prepaid card.
  12. GC is pretty discreet.
  13. Do they also accept Paypal?
  14. i dont think any legit store accepts paypal because paypal forbids purchasing bongs, pipes, etc. if you buy a prepaid visa gift card you can uses them anywhere that you can use a regular visa card (including online). I bought my bong at a headshop with a visa gift card.

  15. GrassCity? Oh nothing, thats just for my lawn care.

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