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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by crystalbuds123, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Has anyboudy used that new bubbleponics system that is out it's pretty much the same as the bubble bucket method except they use a feeding tube that goes into to bottom of the net pots to give a constant supply of nutes till the roots get into the the areated water, they are selling it for almost 300 bucks, they use a 10 or 14 gal tote or plastic storage containers it is nice but damn you could make your own for about 50-60 dollars i made my bubble bucket for around 35 dollars,i have to say i love bubbleponics,i would like your opinion on the bubble method.

    all they do is rob you of shit you can make yourself

    honestly, i think that straight DWC would be more effective than bubble ponics which for all intents and purposes is a drip system that has an aerator in the reservoir so that the drip flow can be cranked up to high...

    and everyone knows that DWC is better than drip so, DWC ALL THE WAY!!

    and btw I dont like the idea of cramming more than one plant in a tank/res cuz the roots fight each other
  3. I have not yet made a bucket, because my first grow is soil, but one of my friends has already made three buckets. I believe each bucket cost him about $35.00 and you can make it in about an hour. There is a full DIY thread on here...look it up.

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