Bubbleponics: The way to go for me?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by tehMX, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. I posted this thread in Absolute Beginners (as I am one)....but all's I'm getting is views, and no replies (n00bs). I hope some experts (here) can help. Thanks in advance!!!


    Well, I think it's time for me to start growing.

    I've picked the strain I want (Super Silver Haze) and want to grow using hydroponics.

    How easy to use is SteathHydro's Dual Spectum Bubbleponic Six Plant system? Note: I'm a pretty bright guy, I follow directions very meticulously, and can problem solve (and research) very fast and efficiently.

    I want to grow this strain first (so please, no suggesting other strains) and would like to yield a little over 16oz my first harvest. I understand that it might require more than six plants, my question remains: Is StealthHydro's Dual Spectrum Bubbleponic system easy and effective to yield over 16oz's?
  2. If you could provide us with a link and some info, it would really help...
  3. Oh for Christs sake.... j/k LOL

    I was hoping someone that might have used one could tell me.

    But here's a link:


    Check it out and lemme know if it's a good idea or not. Thank you times four hundred and twenty.
  4. Yes works great, but you can make one yourself instead of ordering it.
  5. Money isn't an issue, I'm looking to just fuckin hook it up and go (I know it's not THAT easy, but you get my drift).

    I need something that is easy(er) and (more)effective than just pot and soil(in a pot...with pot...haha)
  6. Nothing is easier than just pot and soil other that going to a corner and buying your smoke.
  7. dude my friends and I had a system exactly like that we built from parts we got at walmart for like $25. we ended up building individual containers for the plants because they quickly got too big and were too close
  8. Im also planning on picking up this system but rather than the Dual Spectrum im opting for the 400w HPS Hortilux system. Do you plan on using the nutes provided with the system as directed or modifying your own?
  9. I know nothing of the specs on the system you speak of, but if you are speaking about a bubble bucket, you can build your own. its simple:

    Supplies needed:

    5 Gallon Empty Painters Bucket
    1 or 2 regular aquarium pumps from the pet store
    air lines
    4 airstones/per bucket
    5-8'' netcups

    and thats it, you cut a whole in the lid of the bucket so the netcup can fit into it, then you hook up the air pump, drop in the airstones (cut a hole for those too) add your nutrients and keep the water level just below the netpot. it's that simple, and then you've got a fullfledged bubbler system. now, you can't just get 16oz really quick, you have got to veg the plant for a while to get that..BUT you can grow 4-8 plants and get 8-16oz. build a bucket for each of them, then buy a large high end air pump that you can attach to all of them. if you can get the buckets for free or really cheap..then all the stuff you've got left in supplies won't cost you over 50$
  10. Well, if money is no problem, it looks like a pretty nifty deal. You must realize though that you aren't going to be able to grow six large plants simply because the net pots are too small and close together. I use an aeromachine reservoir (4 net pots) (removed the spray pump and bar and just use air stones now). The net pots are close together like the one you are looking at and it is just about impossible to grow two large plants in it, much less four.
    They will crowd each other out. You could grow six smaller plants but I don't know about getting a pound. Look up my thread 'Pure Power Plant Questions' in this same forum and you can see the aeromachine with only two 9 inches plants and see how crowded they are.
    I don't mean to bring you down, but you have to consider these things before starting your grow.


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