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  1. Hi i just got the Lowryder Deluxe grow box from stealth hydro.com, it has an airstone that bubbles. I have 6 net pots I was curious i bought jiffy 7 peat pelltets the other day and was wondering if i could germinate and grow till harvest with these pellets. I figure since i dont have like a water pump that can get clogged i should be ok. Also does the water in my resovoir need to touch the bottom of net pots, should i have water touching bottom while seeds are sprouting or feed water to each plant individualy and let roots grow into the water for nutrients. Thanks for the help
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    just pick up some hydroton... its cheap.. at a local hydro shop or online

    drop the bean in a shot glass of water for no more than an hour or till the bean snaps.... if it snaps plant it in a rockool or sure to grow cube

    if not.. move the bean to a paper towel folded three times lightly soaked between layers one and two... and put that inside of a sandwich bag(or a clear Tupperware container) till the bean snaps then plant in a rockwool or sure to grow cube..

    100% success rate from seed this way for me

    germinate in rockwool(presoaked to 5.5) or a sure to grow cube... then plant in your net cup... keep the water level one inch above the bottom of the net cup till the roots are threw the net cup.. then lower to one inch below the bottom of the net cup for the rest of the grow
  3. You can run all the way to the end with the jiffy peat pellets, and i had there bottom 20% of the net pot covered in water till the roots were coming out of the pot then lowered it, also watered the top by hand when it seemed like it was needed
  4. i have a question about grow mediums. could i use marbles or some fish tank stones?

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