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  1. Hey GC...What's up everybody. Glad to be here..I just wanted to be part of this community, i've done alot of reading threw multiple forums before i started growing. specailly rosemans tips...Any way just giving a update..I've had my bubbleponics box going for almost 24 hours now, after i recieved it friday i than started the germination of my seeds. However i put them in the rockwool on top of hydroton and i have sprouts going already, i tweaked a couple different things that don't go along with either rosemans guide nor stealth hydro..(witch is where i got the bubbleponics from). I've got 3 strains going, 2 of witch are autoflowering,(if you would like to know witch.plz ASK) and yes i'm only using 3 out of my 6 holes because after doing a ton of research there just ins't much room. Unless maybe i did all 6 autoflowering..who knows.. Basically i just wanted to put my info out there and hopefully i will get comments and questions, I know sooner or later i will need help..by the way i mentioned im using the bubbleponics system, but forgot to say with a 315 watt multi spectrum CFL(total of 5 bulbs because i got the deluxe package). I did as much research as i could until my eyes started bleeding lol, before i purchased everything. Anywho i'm startin to ramble. Just wanted to post and start meeting my fellow stoners..:hello:

    p.s. havn't really ever been a part of a forum, so i'm very new and hope i know how to post..haha
  2. Curious to see your set up. Pics! :D
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    Hey sorry. I don't have a great camera besides my phone. And i'm not a firm believer in posting your pics online for everyone to see where it will always be there.. lol...privatley how ever i might be able to send a couple pics i'm just not sure how to do that yet...everything is going good. just wanted to update. all three have sprouted the grow room is a nice steady 81 degrees with perfect ph. and good air circulation as well as a purifier. I've been using tap water even tho at my parents cottage there is a reverse osmosis. Witch i read some where is usually always Ph nuetral. I don't think i'm going to switch to the r/o water unless some one highly reccomends it, since the tap water seems to be working fine. Also i am in quite the predicament as far as changing the water goes. this is my biggest concern for my little girls. I don't know why i didn't shell out another 10$ for SH to install the pro drainedge..So i could really use some input on how to change the water, i know of the ed rosenthal technique already, just don't know where to got another piece of hose, so a STEP BY STEP solution would be greatly app. Also got my lights plugged in, the 3 bulb 315 watt multi spectrum CFL from stealth hydro. for the first 24 hours steady with 1 hour break..i will be switching to the 18/6 for the rest of the grow until i get my 2 autos out, than it will be time to flower the white widowXBig bud....Comments and questions are always a plus. Also if you would like pics just let me know how to send them with out every one else seeing. no offense. =)
  4. I also bought a Bubbleponics kit from Stealth Hydro. My advice is to wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil tape to light proof it. This will prevent algae growth. And if you're using the Stealth Hydro, powdered nutrients, I would get something better. Somehow I started out with General Hydroponics, 3-part, FloraSeries nutrients but I don't think that they are the best. I took out the irrigation manifold because it was too much trouble and because the water pump was generating too much heat inside of my reservoir. I just call my system a Deep Water Culture system now because of this. If you end up taking out the irrigation manifold and water pump, I suggest getting a commercial air-pump, because they produce a ton of more bubbles, and it will keep the nutrient solution properly mixed up, instead of becoming stagnant. Also, if you can't get beneficial bacteria and fungi to work for you, I recommend using Dutch Master ZONE, as it keeps everything sterilized and keeps root-rot from forming... all while not hurting the roots and/or degrading the nutrients. You see, allot of people recommend using Hydrogen Peroxide in the reservoir to sterilize things. But you must know that I read, I think on the Dutch Master website, that hydrogen peroxide degrades the nutrients... and so I don't use it. Last but not least, if you can't figure out why your roots are getting brown, make sure that the tap-water in your county doesn't have another sterilizing agent in it, besides chlorine. My tap-water has another agent in it, besides chlorine, and it took me like a year to figure out why my roots were dying. So I plan on buying a special water filter to remove 99% of the bad stuff in the water, but, for now, I buy distilled water from the grocery store. Peace.
  5. Hey thanks i appr. all that info bro.. i also heard of another chem besised chlorine similar except with this chem it won't evaporate like leaving it sit over night and yes that hydrogen peroxide method is no good, i was gonna ask what a good alternative would be but you anwsered my questions already =) i think for right now i'm gonna leave the manifold and everything in there i have 2 airstones. and the water seems to be doing ok.. on the other hand my seedlings are starting to topple over, well just the 2 auto strains. my widow is a champ. she was first out...i did already take two of those twisty ties off a loaf of bread and i gave them support. it's seems like maybe my light might not be close enough. i measured it and it's 3 and a half inches..i'm hoping they just catch up, because the widow is a little taller than them so i don't wanna lower it too much.. all 3 are very green and are just starting to get rid of seed leaves.. (cotyl)....also another update it was getting way tooo hot in my closet and its 4 feet back and 3 feet wide and about 7 feet tall. i thought plenty of room for that 315 watt. so i added a large fan facing at the door and slightly leaning back to blow that hot air up and out. and my air purifier right next to the plants blowing air around them but not directly at them, just to keep circulation. oh and yes i had gotten that alum. foil idea off a vid on youtube so everything is light tight. i even cut out circles to put around my seedlings so as the roots are not exposed. like i said i really tried to do as much reading as i could. i just recently discovered jorge cervantes a.k.a george..can anyone recommend books? AND KEEP THE INFO COMING. i love to learn spec. about something im passionate about.
  6. You are definitely right. The, "sterilizing agent" that I was talking about is called chloramine(s). And like you said, it doesn't evaporate if you try to remove it by letting water sit out. It's in my city's tap water. But because I only need 6 gallons per reservoir change, I just buy distilled water. I plan on buying a water purification system. I think that HydroLogic sells this little RO unit and I think you can hook it up to a garden hose or something. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I was to do that, I think that I might have to buy the UV attachment to kill all the living bacteria and stuff that would probably be found in the hose. Like I said, in my opinion, the Dutch Master line is definitely the best bet for a DWC type setup. And this is because of the ZONE product. I heard that beneficial bacteria/fungi are not really water dwelling creatures. But who knows? That's why I can't decide if I should use my ZONE containing DWC, or a beneficial, "Baby Bloomer" by American Hydroponics setup in my small growing closet. Peace.
  7. Yeah that's what is what called. =) i have really no clue about that benficial. bacteria besides hydrozyme or hygrozyme..i've heard that works good for hydro set up...they have it on stealth hydro.com if you wanna read up on it..
  8. wuddup yall hit my link and follow my grow.

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