Bubbleponics 90wUFO and cfls 5 plants (pics)

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    Hello Grasscity,

    This is my homemade custom system ill be posting pics as it prgresses.


    -5 plants. all bagseed. good chance i have 5 different strains, 7 years of saving seeds. I never saved any bad stuff. at least mids. (Crosess fingers for the maui)
    -3ftx4ftx5ft mylar tent, had to cut it down from a larger size to fit space.
    -1 18 gal tub
    -5 six inch netcups filled with hydroton.
    -1 50 gal air pump and one 4 inch airstone ( am considering a ring airstone)
    This system was a drip and bubbleponic system until roots grew into the water. I used a cheap aquarium pump and split 5 airline tubes one to each plant. This created some algae because they were clear lines.

    -one 90w triband l.e.d. UFO with white lights as well, not orange.
    -4 26w cfls hanging vertically as supplementary light. The idea behind this is to provide light to undergrowth areas due to the inability for the ufo to penetrate too deeply. i am moving these daily as growth starts to move to these , and rotating pots so that they have a good chance to bush out a bit.

    all hommade. I bought some metal ducting a cheap 15 inch fan a furnace filter designed to eliminate odors with activated carbon. I have 2 layers of this behind the fan which is outside of the tent, also rolled up filter in the inside at the statrt of the tube. Works pretty well so far. I only have a little slit in the opposite end of the outtake. Its just a passive intake. Without it the tent caves in a bit from the vacuum of the outtake. all the air is pulled through the filters.

    Humboldt grow and bloom.

    misc. info

    ph varies from 5.7 to 5.9, temp varies from 75-83 , usually at 80 when the lights are all on. reservoir water is at about 65. I have a small fan in the corner, about a 5 inch fan to keep air flowing over plants.

    Also they have been vegging for about 4 or 5 weeks, all but one have been topped at least once.

    I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism, suggestions, or questions.
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    some pics, more to come

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    A pic of the canopy, a pic of what a planted topped once does. and the ghetto filter i made thats holding up. the white lines show where i sectioned it and the blue indicates location of filters.

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  4. the ufo can be like 1-2 feet away from the plants, cfls can be moved even closer
  5. Yeah manufactuerers, recomend that height but i'm seeing faster growth at like 8-10 inches. I'll be adjusting heighth a little to see what works best. as for the cfls, they are swaying a little. had one too close and burned a few tips off a fan leaf, not too big a deal. aslo having a difficult time controlling location. i need like 4 of those snake-lights. with the coil. using twine hangimg from upper support around the homebuilt bottle-lights kits. thanks for the input.
  6. LockDown in this one I want to see the Real Power of the LED ! Happy Growing !
  7. Not bat not bad. Umm how far is the LED? and the cFLS?? alot of stretch going on in there. I mean alot.
  8. i dont mean to wish a male or 3 upon ya but that seems real crowded between plants
  9. Just went and measured. the ufo is about 8 inches from the canopy. cfls are 2-4 inches from at least 2 plants each cfl. average is 3 inches away.

    Yeah roor, when i started these my ufo broke and i had to send it back. in between i had that grow panel way over them...about 12 inches. they stretched so far i had to tie up 2 of them when thier second leaf set popped. It weighed it down. with those grow panels you really have to get up on them for effectiveness. i am trying to get those topstems going after that ufo. I actually wouldn't mind a little stretching now to get all plants to desired heights for scrog. I can pull them back all i need to then.

    they are all getting a good amount of light and being rotated around a bit. the crowding hasn't been an issue yet but i would still be thrilled if i only have to kill one male. I have a screen to scrog it when i get to a good canopy heighth. At that time i will mount my cfls with reflectors for canopy of buds. But with possibly 5 different strains this round may need a little adjustments here and there. next round i am gonna do a blueberry. one after that will be all clones off whichever blueberry i like the most. Then this system will bw better i think, all one plant.

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  10. THere is a lot of room in there not being used. I honestly think i could get a whole other setup just like it in there too, sidebyside. 2 problems. Heat is a big issue. The area here is not exactly ideal for extensive exterior ducting. not an option. This is why i am using this ufo. second problem, not enough $$ to get another ufo and my tent couldn't handle much more heat in there. i would need to double the cfls as well.

    If i had a larger area and options of venting, i'd go hps. But led is the only way i have a chance to indulge in this hobby. i got mine on evay 125 free shipping. 7 day guaruntee, i needed one replacement.
  11. Have you been able to notice a difference using the UFO as opposed to an HPS (don't know if you've grown with one before).

    I'm really considering going to a UFO, but want to make sure the quality of crop is the same or better.
  12. i have used a 300w hps on 1 plant in a single drip 5 gal bucket. To be perfectly honest with you i have no idea how it compares. hard to tell. i'd have to see a side by side with clones off the same mother to believe it. If you have the opprtunity ( heat is not a major concern) go with hps. it's reliable and predictable. With led its hard to tell.You could get a good product...or you could get scammed. mine claims brigelux diodes. 4th generation. I am pleased with it so far, but i don't have a lot to compare to.

    led is not for everyone imo. It is more energy efficient. A lot less heat issues to worry about. But, claims that a 90w ufo beats a 400w hps hasn't been proven to my satisfaction. At the same time I haven't seen one that i think is credible that leds can't do it. Depends on the Manufacturers the technology, and th information in the users hands on how to use it. A lot of viables

    Led was the only viable way for me to continue this hobby of mine.

    I'll keep posting pics every few days and I'l let you fine folks be the judges.
  13. So you think i should pull it back from 8 inches from canopy somwhere between 12-24 inches? Have you ever used one or know a site with information about this? Thanks for the input.

  14. Yeah man I totally agree. I've been wicked curious if the 4th gen LED's can match up to an HPS. I've seen some threads about it, but nothing that makes me want to convert. I'll be watching your grow and hopefully it'll produce a great crop.

    Good luck!
  15. hey man looks great....i would only move the light up enough to where it put good light on all your plants...any higher and you will be losing light unneccessarily....but what do i know i bleached mine out huh?
  16. Thanks man. your budsstill look awesome, I hope they smoke good.
  17. I have a question for you hydro pro's out there. I am using abouth 14 gallon reservoir here. How often should i change reservoir? I have been doing it weekly but think i might be doing it too early for that much water. Input welcomed
  18. When you add back water that is drank by your plants, once you reach 14 gallons then change.
  19. Some new pics. I went a little crazy on the trimming last niht. I opened up light to all the new growth sites and rimmed off unhealthy looking spots from a ph issue a while back. I think i might have some boys in here. I'm guesing 2 girls 3 boys. Not sure. yet. I am barely a week into 12/12 so its still hard to tell. we'll see if my camera is good enough.

    Obe good pic of what i think is a male showing a pollen sack forming. another ofsnother possible pollen sac, and on of the base structure as a result of topping and som lst and bending.

    Aslos hali how far along is your grow? any pics?

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