bubbleponic first grow. w.widowXBigbud.

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  1. Ok the one in the middle is the white widowXBig Bud. The one on the left is snowryder and the right is BCN diesel. Have had 1/4 there nutes. and on 18/6 light schedule with a 315 watt multi spectrum. One tube style in middle and 2 spirals. Have veg and flower lights. Using water from my tap. right at about 5.8. Again i have access to R/O water but no one has commented back to me and let me know if i should change. But from what i've read, it's stuiped for me to change something that is working. I am only using 3 out of my 6 holes because i wanted more room. I know i'm gonna have to make adjustments differently seens as how i have 2 auto flowering strains in with the normal. and they are all feminised. I will be changing the water tomorrow and adding a little more nutes, slowly but surely is a good grow rule i've been following and to remember it's better to under do things than to over do! The nutes are just regular SH fire and forget style. I don't know much about nutes but according to mr. ed rosenthal they will grow just fine. I think i remembered to include everything. if you have questions and comments please just let me know. I will take anything i can get. knowledge hungry when it comes to growing. :smoke:

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  2. Nice. Good thing u have the auto flower becuz i just did my first grow in a tote and them fckn plants got HUUUUGE! Not knowing any better i did 8 plants in a 30 gal tote. Check my threads there's pics. I switched to 3 1/2 gal individual buckets for this grow. Holla at me whenever, ill be checkin ya journal. I'll be startin one later. Im two weeks into a grow and i just added 2 more.
  3. That's awesome. Glad to hear some input finally. thanks for the info. yeah i'll def get ya, i just don't know how to message people and ask them questions indvidually...I'm gonna check your threads out now, can't wait too see your new grow.!
  4. Just givin another update. No pics because there isn't much difference. But today i changed the water..(cross your fingers and/or pray for me) lol...today was the first water change witch i have been dreading but i did as much research on it as i could. i took the top off set it on a clean towel proped up so the lid wouldn't slide off the cups. i took all tubes out of cups as well and unhooked airstone. a little piece broke off, but i cleaned it off and out of the tub. hopefully it will be ok it was just a tiny piece...i took the waterpump out with the manifold attached set it aside, took my water out and dumped it as well as cleaned it there was some slimy yellow stuff on the tubes. but since im only growing 3 out of 6 holes i turned off the other 3 hoses from the manifold, i was thinking there must not be enough movement in there so i opened the other 3 nozzles so they could keep the water moving underneath..consistanly...also the water didn't really smell at all...total time the girls were out of water was just over 20 minutes...i think that is pretty good for first time, just like anything once you get enough practice you become bettter so i should be able to cut that time down a little bit...i put the other half of nutes in...total 6 gallons. ph=5.8-6.0....this is about it for now. i just hope everything keeps on keepin on the way it has and i'll be just fine:smoke:
  5. You might wanna get some more lights the autos wont get to big and the reg will shoot up fast and you tops won be even and the autos will be done in about 60 days while your reg will take about 90 happend to me and hade to add H2O2 to stop root rot from autos dead roots. But every thing looks good to me.
  6. Thanks for advice man. yea that light i measured on my budds lux meeter puttin out 23,000 lumens...i did see another grow under the same light with the autos and they were awesome..def acceptable...the reg plant is however my main focus so if i have to move the autos into soil or just scrap em if it gets to bad..i will...but what do you mean you got root rot.. did you get it after you took your autos out and left your reg. plant in...like you just didn't get all the roots out so it affected the full size? because i would really like some more input on this matter from you..preferably lol because you say you have experience? pleasssse lesson me =)
  7. Yea found out the hard way you don't want dead roots in with plants that are still growing. Roots got tangeld togheter and and they rottedH2O2 fixed it though. I add H2O2 at each rez change now to keep germs down and only plant plants with the same bloom time in each tote.
  8. Yea i have heard of h202...glad to hear it helped you. and now i know what to do when/if i run into the same problem:eek: what i plan to do for my next grow is keep this 6 hole tub just for autos. and i'm gonna buy the hydrofarm witch is hydro for one single monster plant...however i'm a little pissed the 300 something dollars i spent on this CFL light i just found and 1000 watt Mh/Hps combo with lumatek digital ballast. comes with yo yo hangers and timer...damn i'm kickin myself...but that is what i plan to purchase for my next grow lights...by then i will have my 8 foot grow tent set up in my new pad...if all goes well anyway...quick update the girls are shootin up like crazy...by the way i do say GIRLS. even tho they are just over a week old. because i bought feminised seeds with 99.8% chance they will be female. lol...i know anything can happen. :gc_rocks:
  9. I too am on my first hydro grow, good luck on it.
    I do know a little something though and the autos mixed with the regular plant is not a good idea. I also don't use hydrogen peroxide, I use something called hygrozme. It is a enzyme that eats dead plant material and algae and turns it into food for the plant, it works awesome. Also why buy a hydrofarm when you could build your own bubble bucket for like 40 bucks or less?
  10. You're definately gonna have a nightmare with autos and a photoperiod in the same tub later on. Make sure you keep the roots good and separate. I've heard good things about hygrozyme.
  11. thanks man. i think i'm gonna go ahead and purchase some of that before anything bad happens. That and some H202. keep the comments comin...
  12. So can anyone else verify that ona gel would be a good product to use? I'm gonna be buying my hydrozyme and probably some H202 here in the next couple days...Just to be safe rather than sorry if i run into any problems i dont wanna have to wait for an order to come threw...just want to make sure i'm putting my money in the right place...and more pics will be coming tonight or tomorrow. The girls are sprouting up like CRAZY and OH SO GREEEN =)
  13. Hey every body finally givin another update. Tomorrow will be the 2 week mark..i would really like to get more comments on how i'm doing. i changed water today a day early...was more confident this time around and got it done alot quicker, i'd say 20 minutes...the roots are growing like crazy..specailly on that white widow big bud...the other 2 autos seem a little slow maybe? idk again this is my first time i know i have 2 autos and 1 photoperiod...witch won't be an issue as long as i keep the roots seperate...i've been making sure i keep everything clean..there was some build up from the nutes on the tubes and manifold but i washed everything off in hot water and cleaned a couple peices from the water pump, i also repositioned my 12 inch air stone. so as the other 2 plants can get some OXygen:hello:...everything has been kept sterile. and the pictures below show the first pic=SNOWRYDER the 2nd is white widowXbig bud and 3rd but not least is BCN diesel.. i don't have much more to say...questions comments...anything i can improve on ..please let me know. and don't forget :gc_rocks:

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  14. Alright thanks bossveg... but do you think adding another 12 inch airstone would be tooo much for 3 plants..
  15. You can never have to much air it will just remove poisons that build up in your rez faster and give you bigger more vibrant plants. But dont go overbaord you could put any size of stone in just put it on the other side of the rez as the other one.
  16. Hey every one heres another update on the girls...not much has changed..just growin crazy long roots...the 2 autos are a little shorter and the roots aren't as long..the roots are all white and there is no spots or anything growing on the plants. they look so good. almost perfect except the on thing i noticed on all of them is that some of the fan blades curl up..not alot..just slightly...other than that. growth is good and i couldn't be happier...i might switch to R/O water with no nutes this week when i change the water....because i took the ph of my R/O water and it was an even 6.0...i was impressed...keep information coming please and anything i can do better. the first pic is the white widowXbig bud...the 2nd is the auto fem...SNOWRYDER...and the 3rd pic is the auto fem...BCN Diesel...

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  17. Alright will do man...yea i mean another airstone is cheap...i just gotta figure out if i want to spend 40 bucks on an ultra quite one with 2 hook ups...or just buy another cheap one for 10 bucks and spend another 2 or 3$ on a smaller airstone....
  18. You could just go to home depot and but a line splitter for 0.50 and run 2 stones that way 2 just to spread the air around.
  19. Oh nice...didn't even think about that...i'd be lost with out ya boss..lol seens how your my only page visitor...i just joined roll it up..and i'm gettin more hits there...

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