Bubbleponic DWC Dairy - From build to harvest

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    This was my old build but before starting i changed my mind and decided to go bigger.
    so I bought grow tent,carbon filter,nutrients etc.
    My system is not yet finished but it will be in 1 week and I will start to grow.
    I'm thinking about grow 2 strain with bubbleponic and 1 strain with soil.

    i got :
    -Grow Tent 100cmX100cmX170cm (120$)
    -Container 50lt hard plastic (10$)
    -Nutrients are Flora Micro,Bloom,Gro and SubCultures from GeneralHydroponics (40$)
    -CarbonFilter capacity is 165m3 and there is a 165m3/hour Duct Fan attached to it.(120$)
    -Hydroton 50lt (15$)
    -Root!t Rooting Sponges
    -Mechanical Timer for lights ($5)
    -Room Humidifier (15$)
    -Air Pot (4$)

    I'm gonna buy:
    -Water Pump (do i really need it?)
    -450w Led Panel - 150x3wLed - 110p Red/38p Blue/1p IR/1p UV ($175) (is it enough for 3 plant?)
    -Aluminium Cover with pot holes for container ( i ordered it and it will be delivered in 3 days)
    -Rock Wool (do i need it? i got Rooting sponges,can i use them as a rock wool?)

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