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  1. i cannot speak for that brand/setup specifically, but maany years ago i met with a grower who had a few similar screens/boxes, after he pulled out the little mirror drawer underneath, my mouth watered up so fast lol. then he started scraping..oh lawwwd. anyway, i dont prefer erl, although i do use it from time to time, but i really love flower and dry sift/kief.
  2. I would imagine those boxes would be great quality. However it looks extremely small and would be difficult to get that full melt with such a small amount.  These guys put TONS of love and care into their dry sifting.
    You could build your own large dry sift screens like he has in his store(using wood of course) for a fraction of the price with next to no DIY skills and very minimal tools.
    Here's a great video in case you have not seen it.
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    Yeah dry sifting could be done without one of those boxes. Although i feel like it may be better if your just picking up bud and you dont have a kief catcher. Because i usually just sift when i grind. Ive done it after harvest but i usually just forget.
  4. Question about the bubble magic machine... Any experts

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  5. If his dry sift boxes are anything like his bubblebags then there great. I plan on buying his dry sift box down the road.
    I would never buy the machine.  Bucket and wooden spoon is fine.  You only need to gentle mix first wash for 2 minutes max.  You'll be surprised what falls off.

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