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Bubbleman looks like Jesus!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by somaz, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. oh yes..male plant material..but no stems or stalk...unreal..any old leaf...yellowed slightly green. 1-1-1 of dried leaf/COLD water and the rest ice...blend for a little over a minute. strain thu a kitchen strainer then thru a gold coffee filer bought at any Kmart with a regular coffee filter in it. But after everything is blended put in empty 2-liter coke bottle and let sit in fridge for 35 minutes on coldest temp...take it out carefully as all your trichomes are at the bottom settled! They are usualy white or cloudy ...siphone carefully with turkey baster until u get above the cloudy mix....done...stain in corner of kitchen with gold coffee filter for 2 hours minimum...scrap off the trichomes on filter and let sit and dry or in a hu funneling into another 2 liter empty bottle of soda in a hurryrr use blow dryer or put it in freezer and dry in closet for as long as ya want or even dry good on thick cardboard as thc heads only settle on top off cardbored as unwanted water is absorbed......the green run off reuse again and make a second or third batch quick.....the trick is to get it down to purity with h20 and with with strainer or nylon micron
  2. heehee.. was that supposed to be a reply to that other thread?
  3. yes,..thanx for the nice reply...i'm just spoiled on bubble and everyone i know who tried it totally agrees...h2o and Ice Goddess. I think its even better than honey oil...bubble is basically a smokeless sativa high with no good hit is enough for even the more tolerant ....easy to make and most batches come out good with many suprises with patience...every batch is smoking the tippy top colas off a cannabis cup winner...they come...they fall under the spell of the bubble

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