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BubbleHeads For REAL-read this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by somaz, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. this shit is like hippycrack. That bubble trouble is no joke...I've tasted probubly 50 different strains since last xmas....and nuthin' compares to bubble. Why goto holland when ya can do up a 7 bag kit with those trichomes settling at the bottom...I did a 3 bag kit with two soda bottles , blender...and the ICE in under an hour from half a totally dried out male just ready to till under...yupper 1st time...I was trippen on SUPERWEED from half a dried male that wasn't even near full maturity. It sat in the closet 3 to 4 weeks with no water!!!!!!! I blended it rid of the working bag quick...(Gold Coffee Filter) I think equal to a 90 micron. I deal temp in fridge 4c....just above freezing...yes ya need a thermometer..once uit glazed over with a bit of ice..its spooned..then I to the "turkey baster" trick. blow dry a bit...even on 50% PURE. So copare the street swag at 3%...dutch..7-15%...and my kitchen made with water method in under an hour...dry and fry at 50%-68% pureity with the worst males in any green goddess garden...Do a nice Swiss stain like Heaven...and you'll be blitzed out. the revolution of the bubble is here....back in north America where the native indians invented it. I've been smkin' steady for 23 years now and no mj really compares to this...especially the health benefits...with crap i used to throw out. I goto a bubble party every other weekend. NO ONE COMPLAINS..only when the lady rests...Peace...Somaz
  2. serious?!?!??!???!???? are sayin u can make bubble hash from males!??

    wtf! no way man!

    thats fucking crazy!

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