Bubblegum outdoor grow

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  1. hi, im new on this site and I have something to show you, its my outdoor grow of some sticky indica. I'm 4 weeks into flowering now, but ill show you the pics from the beginning of flowering. I started with two bubblegums and a white widow, but the widow was a runt and its bud was purloined as a.. heh, sample

    EDIT :: sorry guys i forgot to tell you the login is username/password ganja/ganja. cant be too careful these days =p

  2. So here is the bud in early flowering.
  3. And at week 3:
  4. And the current budshot (week 4):
  5. umm a login pops up for me so i think i need to login before seeing the pictures
  6. :D SWEET !:D
  7. DAMN i could go for some of that right now :)
  8. Heh yeah thanks guys. Here are a few more pics from the last couple weeks. Stay tuned for midweek shots and week 5 on saturday/sunday.:smoke:

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  9. beautiful buds bro! keep it up and have fun this fall!

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