Bubblegum drying 68 degrees at 47% humidity day #4 of hanging

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Mr.Grits, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. You mean with boxes ? Just stand them up in it, or stack em loosely laying down in it, and close the lid. Just LOOSLY placed in there.
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  2. Oh, Wait...You're not buying into that old wives tale about hanging the whole plant upside down, so that all them wonderful juices will flow into the buds, Are you ? LOL That theory has been debunked...Cut em apart into single branches.
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  3. Ok, look . It’s really hard to do the right thing if there are so many ways to dry . Hang whole plant ? Is it B.s.?
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    People used to believe that ! But nobody actually does that anymore
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  5. The Right thing is Whatever you have to do to make it dry SLOWLY, but not to the point of molding...Many ways work for that...
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  6. I’m trying man, its colder in the basement I’ll take it there
  7. I mean, Summers I have to run my DE-humidifier to prevent molding, and winters, Hell, I had to buy a 'whole house' sized HUMIDIFIER for my lil shed, to slow down the drying. Always 'tweaking' something to keep things right.
  8. Hey, the attic was like a refrigerator when I did that in Jan... Worked great !
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  9. I cut 1/2 the plant and are doing your way bud, I hope it’s good, I’m currently out of meds at the moment lol
  10. Man ,when that happens around here, I be dryin' some in the oven ! LOL ( but not many of course)
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  11. Lol
  12. Branches bend but don’t snap and the outside is all dry to the touch, let them go then?
  13. Jar the buds NOW...Then open jars and check em tomorrow,and they should be moist and soft again,if they're not over-dried...If they get REALLY moist again in the jars, then leave the lids off a little while each day until they get 'proper'
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  14. Cool
  15. Will turkey bag work also?
  16. Oh yeah...Anything that seals well...
  17. I was wanting to try them
    Jars I have , bunches! But it would be simpler to just put it all in one bag and burp once
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  18. It smells good but looks like shit I’ll never grow it again
  19. Yeah, some day I'm gonna spring for one BIG ASS jar for that reason.
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  20. Image1518614199.488456.jpg
    96.7 grams 1 plant auto bubblegum, 315 cmh/mars hydro 300 old style, not bad and it’s decent smoke already I’m high as fuck. Lol Image1518614303.643443.jpg

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