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    :wave:Well GC and viewers like you. Here is my current setup, Im going to go ahead and say its definately the best indoor setup Ive had. My previous experiences with indoor herb is minimal, but one of the three or so ended up with a decent harvest it was NL #1 or #2. Oh well it smoked great. the other 2 were not to productive. All were in dirt. This grow now is with much more experience and knowledge under my belt. Ive also had lots of outdoor grows that have been much more productive. Ive always figured that an outdoor grow is somewhat of a bonus at the end of a season. The more plants you put out in the spring the more likely to have a good bonus in the fall.! So get up and get out and plant weed outside everywhere, I wont tell.
    Well heres the digs:
    View attachment 397930

    april 2010 030.jpg

    april 2010 033.jpg

    april 2010 037.jpg

    april 2010 038.jpg

    april 2010 039.jpg

    april 2010 045.jpg intakes on side of closet will be covered w/ vents/screens

    april 2010 050.jpg

    april 2010 008.jpg

    april 2010 007.jpg
    Also notice I ducted the exhaust into the attic where it dumps out into one of the whirleygigs in the roof:
    Next youll get to see the bitches, there is an unfortinate issue that well deal with later, One of the bitches that my clone donor gave me was a HE! My clone donor accidentally gave me a boy he had for seed production,(OOPS) oh well, needless to say I murdered his bitch ass

    more soon
    Grow big
    Grow strong
    For soon your creamated remains
    Will be at the bottom of my BONG:smoke:
  2. Forgot to mention my other lady shes a Super Lemon Haze and she started out life as a clone from her dying mother(R.I.P.). She came off mom and was wrapped in paper towel and placed in a 16 oz. pint glass half full of noot water. What noot you got me, my clone donor gave it to me. She sat in that glass for just over two weeks under my 400w MH, then with barely any roots showing I stuck her in the dirt outside(next to a compost bin,GREAT DIRT)and shes going strong. The temps have been below freezing on several occations but NEEDLESS to say I tucked her in all nice and cozy when that happened.
    View attachment 397804

    Super Lemon Haze 002.jpg

    Super Lemon Haze 003.jpg
    Til next time C-ya
    Grow big
    Grow strong
    soon you will
    be in my BONG:smoke:
  3. Heres the bitches. One has since been executed for being a boy(bastard)Oh well R.I.P. anyways.
    april 2010 011.jpg

    april 2010 012.jpg

    april 2010 015.jpg

    april 2010 019.jpg

    april 2010 024.jpg
  4. And here is the Bubbledust strain that these girls originated from:





    View attachment bubbledust.bmp
    So sit back and lets all prey these ladies turn out this grand!!!!!!:D
    Grow big
    Grow strong
    soon you'll be in my BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smoking:
  5. YAY first post :hello:

    Duder what happend to ya other thread?

    Sorry to hear about ur SLH momma :( saying good bye to any plant is always hard

    LOL so hows ya setup going? it all finished?

    Bettah have that scrogg screen in place :cool:

    Update pics ~Please~
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    Yeah some shit went down and I felt I had no security SO I started over. I still live in one of those f***ing states where it is a crime to grow your own medicine you know what I mean! F***ing authorities! Oh well here I am still growin. got my scrog built and placed and now Im awfully excited ti flip the switch to 12/12! Here is some pics,
    may 2010 034.jpg

    may 2010 033.jpg

    may 2010 037.jpg

    may 2010 043.jpg

    may 2010 044.jpg

    may 2010 087.jpg

    may 2010 088.jpg

    may 2010 089.jpg
    Be adding more soon.
  7. Beautiful screen man :D

    I hear ya about the 5-0

    IM glad we got our prop 215 license was so uneasy growing without one...Dude in calil where i live we are about i would say 5-7 months from legalization to some degree LOL

    Dont quote me on anything tho LOL

    Ladies are Looking fyne bruh sitting all pretty under that screen haha :)

    take care man :D :wave:
  8. Lookin good man :wave:
  9. Well its been a couple of days but I was sort of depressed,HaHa well sort of Im sure somebody understands, its a shitty feeling. Two of my ladies seem to have taken a bit ill????? They looked sort of like their leaves were changing for fall or some shit, a bit of yellow a bit of orange and a bit of red and still some green obviously. Ive never seen a weed plant turn all those colors it was f***ing wierd.: :confused_2::(:mad:
    may 2010 087.jpg

    may 2010 088.jpg

    may 2010 089.jpg (Meanwhile this one whore is thriving like shes on top of the world!!)
    So I thought it was something wrong with my medium.??? So I flushed w/ loads of h2o, I then waited a couple days no improvement so Im like what the f*ck!!!

    So I just decided to take a deeper look into my bitches ailments, Ever so carefully dumped the hookers on the floor and low and behold I found their problen!AHHH HAAA! I told my clone donor when he brought thes bitches into my world that we should put 5 or 6 vertical slices into the root system due to the fact that they were severly root bound within the 16 oz plastic cups they were living in. I even knew from experience that they will continue to grow around and around, eventually leading to a funeral or in this case 2. Yikes!
    Well I think I may have caught them bitches just in the nick of time. Only time will tell. Wish them ladies luck gentelmen.
    I'll update soon hopefully with news of the whores recovery, my fingers and toes are crossed thats for sure!
  10. Well here is the news. I think these bitches will recover, One of the girls is still trying to shed these fall colors, Not too sure what to do with her, just because I dont want her to get any worse. Let me tell you how stressful it was just dumping her out just so I could inspect her undercarraige. I am hoping shell pull through! Anyone with any advise or tips on a solution to this problem would be much appreciated!T.O.W.? Do you think I should remove her fall colors manually or let nature take its course?
    The little bush is my skunk plant(there is 2 only 1 pic) I think if this BD lady dies I may sub her w/ one of these skunks?.?.
    may 2010 087.jpg was real sick BD:mad:

    may 2010 089.jpg still quite sick BD:mad:

    may 2010 090.jpg Super healthy BD:D

    may 2010 092.jpg Same super healthy biatch:D

    may 2010 093.jpg

    may 2010 088.jpg

    may 2010 091.jpg
    So please chime in and help a guy tune up this plant!
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    Ok from the looks of that soil i would say its really drenched way way to wet for ur lil girls

    do you water every day? and how much do you water?

    1 liter of water at max (per plant) a day....Mine are getting 500ML a day (aka half a liter)

    Also are you feeding em? They look way to young to be getting any kind of nutes...and if you are feeding em, the dosage should be minuscule.

    FYI never follow the directions on the back of the bottles,always wrong ( well sometimes ) most nutrient dosages call for 1/2 the amount posted on the back...keep that in mind when feeding ya gals with a new product your inexperienced with

    whats the Ph of your water? when you feed or just water them?

    Remember its never to late to save a plant :D

    For now dont water anymore for at least 2-3 days let em dry out a bit

    plus you only need to water when you stick your finger 1-2 inches down inside the container and the soil is dry..if its moist dont water
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    I dont think they are drowning because they get approx. a half gallon every 3 to 4 days and its ph between 6 and 6.5 I usually water w/ rain water (when possible) I have a collection tank outside W/ particulate filter on top:D When that is unavailable I have some R-O on reserve. From what Ive experienced and also been told is that these bitches grow at their optimun rate when they are given proper cycles of dry and wet soil. So I do tend to let then dry out before watering. I actually stick a finger 3 to 4 inches down to check 4 dampness, Damage to any roots is self repaired super fast from what I have learned from my clone donor. Although they could be a bit moist right now because I just dumped them out to investigate, and sure enough the roots were completelely contained within the old 16oz. root ball that my clone donor housed them in.(Zero escaped in the whole time Ive had them) How sad is that!
    So with luck and the fact that I sliced up those rootballs and re-potted them then re-watered them in they could be pretty wet currently. Fingers crossed.
    As for the feeding. The stuff is called Drammatic "K" its all organic food 4 now til flowering I figure. Its made from fresh fish and kelp.you can apply to roots and as foliage spray form(dilute in h2o) Dude this shit STINKS but bitches love it.
    2%(N)Nitrogen, 5%(p2o5)Phosphate, 1%(k2o)Potash Hence2-5-1
    may 2010 054.jpg
    Hopefully They will come round! Thanks alot TOW May good carma come your way
    Keep those video posts comming man they are sweet! As will I just cant pull the vid thing off yet!
  13. Hmmmm

    Thats puzzling :confused: I coulda sworn that was the problem just because of the way the brown was forming on different parts of the plant hmmmmm

    Maybe heat damage?? how close is that 400 watter from the canopy?

    in any case you seem to has everything order :D

    I shalt leave you to your duties Mr. BD :wave:

    And im doing an update vid tonight look for it Broski :D
  14. You think heat, Hmmm is right, my light is 16" above scrog, and canopy has an inch or so to reach screen.Hmmm. Also temps has not breeched 81 degrees in the closet. What distance were you thinking I should be at? Dont forget that one of these bitches are thriving!(Lovin this light) so Im kind of confused:confused: Getting sort of pissed off thats forsure:mad: What you thinking of the roots being balled up in the original pot? Think that could have solved the prob and let them do their buisness? Im on a 16 light and 8 dark cycle right now, could switching it to 24 hr light cycly speed recovery or not ?
  15. Ok this is just weird..

    you seem to be doing everything perfectly,the light is Just high enough the temps are fine, nutes and watering schedule is on point.

    I'll have to agree with you (slightly) on the whole root bound plant issue,i dont think it suffered ( short of having stunted growth) but maybe it damaged the root system somehow and its trying to recover

    I wouldn't go 24 in their condition.Maybe get some superthirve from the Hydro store and for the next couple of days UBAR baby the lil ones LOL

    They will be in my prayers Duder :p ;)
  16. Once again a most gracious thanks for advice n I'll just let them come back too me> I think they will. Screws my whole vegging schedule up tho:(Oh well.I guess if worse comes to worse I may have a few extra plants to flower IDK
    You the man TOW
  17. Hey, Dusty, nice grow. Interesting strain. Really fine looking screen.

    The leaf damage looks like a nutrient deficiency to me, which is often a product of pH lockout. The first thing I would want to eliminate as the culprit would be the soil pH. If you can measure the pH of your runoff, you can use that reading as a proxy for your soil pH.

    6.0 to 6.5 seems a bit low to me. Magnesium locks out below 6.5. On soil grows, I rely heavily on my pH meter. I try to maintain my soil pH in the 6.5 to 6.8 range. That usually means I'm pouring water pH adjusted to 7.0, because I am almost always trying to pull my soil pH up, and I probably should leave out the "almost." Nutrients beget salt buildup, which pulls down the pH in the medium.

    That_One_Weed speaks the truth!

    That Super Lemon Haze you've got outside looks like it was monster cropped. That should be an interesting grow.

    I like that.
  18. Thanks alatar, Im pretty certain you are right, the water at my house here is a whopping 8.5 and through my filter its 8.0 so I have been buying R.O. from my grocery and this tests(with my Ph drops) gay, I know. still working on the digi:( . Although for thew most part I've been lucky enough to recieve lots of rain that I've collected in a clean 30 gal. tupperware tub. This h2o tests between 6.5 and 7. I have not watered since mon due to me just watering the ladies in and still have sufficient moisture. Is there anything a fella can do to turn them around quick, or is it just wait and pray?
  19. Pure water containing no dissolved solids, like distilled or RO water, has no actual pH and does not act as a pH buffer. It does have a theoretical pH of 7.0, but even a digital meter will fail to produce a valid reading. RO water will assume the pH of the first solids introduced to it.

    One thing I've heard about filtering your water is that you should let it sit for a while after you filter it because the pH will take a while to settle.

    I use unfiltered tap water. I let it sit a day or more. The pH out of the tap is usually between 7.2 and 7.5. When it's time to water, I'll pull that reading down with some pH Down. When I'm feeding, I'll mix up my nutrient solution and pH adjust that. My target is usually 7.0.
  20. Perfect, thanks alot. I'll soon be picking up myself a TDS meter. Id really like to get the combo unit Ph/TDS but the wife wont let me swing that one Quite yet 160$. Anyways I was by the clone donors yesterday and it was cool. He sent me hone w/ the juice that I should be feeding(once recovered) Bio Thrive by general hydro should make them bitches love me lots more. Also Im going to bag the rainh2o because it was runoff from roof (contaminated)Fu** R.O. for me whores from now on. Pics after recovery! SOON:smoking:

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