BubbleBucket 1st Grow on CFL's/HPS Need Advice!

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  1. My current setup for germination has three 20w tube cfl's, One 42w cfl, and 2 small fans just to keep circulation going since all this is in a stealthy clothes drawer inside a FFOF's big closet. I believe that is a total of 102 watts! The drawer also has two 50w hps lights which i will be turning on after 2-3 weeks of germination/veggin(i found out that just 1hps[1' away] light is enough to burn my seedling's on der first week of growin, especially wit der top to der Jiffy greenhouse Off.) On top of my drawer i will be puttin my one bubble bucket hydro setup, which will hav 200w hps(3 bulbs total) and prolly 42w cfl's in da future to help with growth to the bottom and side's of my girl. I will be doing a mids bag seed grow for my first time growing hydro so i can learn from trial n error. After this grow ill be gettin seeds of better genetics, but i will prolly order dem soon anyway. Cant wait!

    Okay, I took 20 mid's seeds and used the "paper towel in bag" method. 24hrs later most of them had germ'd so i immediatly placed in Jiffy cubes and pots in der new Jiffy greenhouse and under lights for 24/7 for a week. A few seeds did not germ but most finished after 48hrs. A few more never came out up out of da dirt (thinkin maybe i put dem in dirt to soon, IDK) And a couple died out from me, decidin it was time to take the greenhouse top off and turn on 1 hps light after a week of germ'n (bad idea!) So here i am on the 2nd week with 10 survivors! Seven completly healthy, and three with hps burns, ouch! Also forgot to mention that on da beginnin of the 2nd week i took 50/50 clean rain water mixed wit distilled water and foilar fed at night when the lights go out. oh yeah i also switched to 18/6 light sched. at da beginnin of da 2nd week.

    Today is Friday the 29th and im coming up to my 3rd week of Veg. on Monday. I believe i stunted my seedlings growth early in this operation due to my poor lightin, judgin skills. Ive been all over youtube checking out cfl grows and see dat at 7-10 days people hav der seedlings like small shrubs. lol idk if der good genetic seeds and mine are crappy bag seeds but i seem to be moving pretty slow comin up to week 3 with only 1 1/2"-2 1/2" length. compared to everyone else. So me being as impatient as i am, have read up on a lil VHO (very high output, i think), which im guessin is a fancy way of sayin foilar feedin. I am really hopin not to burn my MJ with my nutes! So any input would be greatly appreciated. This is what i did so far: I am using Fox Farm organic liquid plant food called Big Bloom with an N-P-K of .01-.3-.7 and a lil Urea for the foilar feed. Hoping i dont use to much to soon. I took my 24oz spray bottle and mixed it with 3 drops of Big Bloom and a lil less than half a soda bottle cap of Urea and good Ph stable water of course. So da big 5lb bag says to use 3lbs of Urea per square ft. for small shrubs. So i jst guessed my dosage wit half a soda bottle cap. Urea has an N-P-K of 45-0-0 and i thought i read Nitrogen was real good for the vegatative state. but again please let me kno if im wrong or have experience using Urea with seedlings etc. I then just sprayed when the lights went off. Also does anyone think i should be on a 24/7 light schedule instead of 18/6 at 2 weeks?

    Please post up ur thoughts, ideas, or comments before i get my new seeds!! You guys from the grasscity forums hav been great! Ive learned everythin through everyone here for years and now im tryin to put my knowledge to the test.:smoke:


    P.s. Will be posting up pics and mayb sum video soon!
  2. Yeah i would do a 24 hr light cycle instead of 18/6.. good luck
  3. some people say 18/6 is all you need. but i see a bigggg difference in growth early on from 24/0

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