bubblebag hash help needed

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  1. I am relatively sure how the process goes to make it but does the trimmings have to be dry?if so whats the diff if they get wet as soon as you put them in anyway.
    also i got the 5 gal ,8 bags.
  2. Frozen wet trim works best, IME.

    As you seem to have 'net access, why not do a search for Bubblebags and read bubbleman's directions. It's the first or second hit.

  3. yes frozen wet trim works the best. Now take the first bag you have which would be the final bag and stuff one by one all the bags after that into the first bag spreading them out so they fit good and flat inside at the bottom and on the sides.......now stuff the last bag with your trim stash......now put in a bunch of ice and fill the bucket with water up to where the trim and ice are under water. Now give it a quick stir and let it set for about 20 minutes 1/2 hour....now come back with your cordless drill and your whipping thing you know cake whipper....now put that into your cordless drill and go at it with the drill for about 20 minutes. Now take out drill and let set for a while. Start to drain out the bags one by one seeing your hash in the bottom of the bag moving it to disperse the water left on the screen now set the bag on a piece of newspaper or cardboard I use the CB........now go and take something like a credit card and scrape the stems you collected and swipe them off on some clean printer paper.....now press and dry and enjoy.....SIMPLE

    Or you could just use the one bag and a bucket put the trim and the ice in the one bag now put in a 5 gallon bucket and fill with water, now use the drill and whipper on the first bag and repeat process above except now all your stems are in the bucket, now wring out the bag and set to the side and pour the bucket water through the remaining stacked sequenced bags and follow steps above to final product....sometimes working with all those bags is a pain in the ass, sometimes this is easier.....when I had the eight 1 gallon bags this was easier.......good thing you got the 8 /5 gallon bags.
  4. Thanks red eye,
    I used the wet and dry trimmings both and made sure to freeze them first for an hour.Then did as instructed and ended up w/ about 20 grams of excellent hash.The 1st bag was very little and dark bout a gram but every bag after that was sweet blonde hash.This shit is fantastic.I am so glad I invested in the bags.I have a couple friends that tried the hash and they literally loved it.Great quality too.thanks 4 ur help.

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