Bubble is 60% THC HEAVEN !!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by somaz, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. She gave me the Garbage...like a died out male that is not even mature...1/2 a plant mind you....that was sitting in her closet for at least two weeks with no water nor any light 100% darkness 24/7 but it was about 3 1/2 feet tall...with a blender, Ice and COLD water I ended up with 60% THC in under an hour in her kitchen. WHY GOTO AMSTERDAM? The secret...gold coffee filter at KMART...about $5 ..Blend 1-1-1 DRIED LEAF/ICE/COLD WATER and blend on hight for one minute and 20 seconds strain in gold filter with funnel under it and a empty 2-liter soda catching the green run off and sit in fridge for 1/2 hr to 45 minutes Almost ALL THC settles to bottom...extract with turkey baster until you get to cloudy trichomes...strain again...but with regular coffee filter in "gold" coffee filter this time...be very patient..like 2 hours to 2 days untill all the liquid in cotton coffee filter is gone...scrape off the thc on the coffee filter and dry into powder....Note...when moving 2-liter soda jug from fridge do it carefully...DO NOT DISTURB THE Cloud line on the bottom...suck green water with baster carefully also until ya get to the good round stuff at bottom...check it with magnifying glass after scraped and dried on plate..hurry...use hair dryer over screen...or put the wet trichomes on a piece of cardboard until fully dry...trichome heads settle on top of cardboard while its absording the little left over water from this simple clean process...the bad stuff is naturally filtered out...if the bubble tastes like sulfer than your mary jane is NO GOOD..toss it...ALSO...you can reuse the green left over water for a second batch...just put in firdge thats on High with sum more ICECUBES...shake...(VERY COLD)....The closer to 4c...Just above freezing point the THC settles to bottom in about 40 minutes..tap it (soda bottle)once or twice with spoon every 10 minutes while in fridge so trichomes settle better

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