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    • little bit of a break after a lifelong friend nearly proved "friends are few and far between when you growing green"... yea i went all out, crashed my HD's locked out my accounts for a year or more and completely just went elsewhere to get my head straight... but that's just another story for smoke sessions some day... been getting the cheapo amazon stuff to get going again, still got mostly all of my DWC setup i made couple years back, good 4 x 4 tent, and boy i got a decent spread of beans... atm I'm between my own apt and my parents attic... truthfuly I'm an honest guy, and my family and those who respect me know by the #growyourownsmokeyourown sorta idea of what id like to have as my peace with my states problems with my passion and choice to treat my mental illness slash defeciency... decided to throw it up on the journals cause within the next couple months i plan to wipe the dust off myself and get myself geared towards the learning curve... strictly dwc no soil. maybe once i get cozy again and grab a couple more tents or convert a room ill try supersoil and such things but for now.. I'm keeping with this.. first grow came with my first harvest, its very clean, i enjoy maintaining hydro setups vs. all the TLC into a good soil run and harvest... id like to find myself a good group of guys that just live breathe and sweat dwc, found myself buried in books while catching a long buzz and just feel like i can really do beyond what i thought already was fucking amazing for inside what fits in yoursmallerclosets.

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  2. list genetics and equipment when i come around after work and hopefully can catch some good links for things i need or want hahaha.. why I'm here mostly.. ask those who use not those who make. best advise for many places in life #GYOSMO
  3. I just started my first dwc. i'm a noob and probably not much good for advice but this is my setup.
    Gorilla tent 4'x4'x80",apollo 600 watt HID, cheap 4 bucket power grow kit 254 gph air with single airstones, 400 cfm active air inline fan. GH flora series with cal-mag plus, floralicious plus, rapid start kool bloom and florakleen. I'm really loving the dwc, no bugs and holy crap is it just me or are they growing 4 times faster?? those apollo lights have a three year warranty and the active air fan has a 5. Very important to me are warranties since my last crop had to be cut early because of a broken inline fan. Still got 13 zips but damnit they could have been a week or two better and properly flushed! Got a journal link in my sig if you want to check it out bro. I have an older journal detailing the first soil run too. This time it's soil, coco and hydro. :love-m3j: OH, in my dwc tent sits an atomic, bubble bomb and a 9 pound hammer. Bomb and tga subcool genetices. Got gobbstopper, cherry bomb, thc bomb and a heisenberg special in the wooden box in soil/coco, those are bomb, alpha kronik and mephisto genetics.
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    heres what remains of my equipment.. 2 I-Power 600w mh/hps, both in the XL hoods with the cool tube (never used, but NOT brand new obviously), 4ft x 4ft x 80in Apollo Horitculture Grow Tent, 1 ventech 240 booster/duct fan, 1 440 cfm ventech inline fan with speed controller, 1 I power carbon scrubber kit which I honestly never bothered to use because I'm not suffocating my girls and wasting my mistake of a bad buuy on a small xhaust fan.. but besides the mains.. I got small desk fans, hangors for lights, my hygrometer with 2 sepereate remotes to display my temos within x amount of meters... just my mess of what I got left with when I got fucked over last time around lol... genetics, just ff thet op of my head .. 10 White Widow x Big Bug, 10 2 fast 2 vast, 10 purple bud, 5 Money Maker, 5 Strawberry Cheescake, 5 pink kush, a few different dinafems (critical +, cheese) and probably 10- 15 other strains from freebies and ones I got mailed to me through contests that I haven't opened yet.. curious to find a nice site to find all my nutes and small stuff instead of tryna scroll through ebay and amazon.. brand names aren't everywhere with me or warranties.. some things truly cant hold up to a warranty but people will buy based on the fact that fuck ill break it and get another... only problem I had was with organic nutrients, but that was only a slip of the eye.. GH was always my choice, Lucas and then a couple times I used AN without breaking my wallet for flowering, just to mix it up... not really 100 percent on where imma put my goal yet but as of now.. I'm stuck tryna figure out those lights in that that tentm and what I gotta get to be cool and care free before I go making new buckets and such... def not your find the forum, follow the steps and bitch about it later kinda guy when I grow.. this is for when I can say I'm cozy and got enough time to share my specific passions for the hobby... aint no contest here to me. but ill def take a cookie and a trophy if its handed to me lmao.. thanks for the reply bro, ima follow your journal no doubt
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