Bubble hash, trichome issues?

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  1. Hello, I searched quite a bit about problems with Trichomes too small or an early harvest and small trichomes, no luck..

    So here is the issue, I had ordered new bubble bags, I had two buddies give me their cuttings from harvest both gave me a trash bag full, but they harvested too early I can tell it was early, very green. But with fear of Choppers flying all over they did an early harvest, not my deal so whatever, can you really blame them?

    Anyhow I had done a cold water hash where I let the sediment settle to the bottom of the jar and then take off all the water and then let the sediment dry out. It worked real well I got a nice quarter sized ball from 2oz of cuttings. It is real dark but smokes really good, taste good too, so no issue.

    Well since I got my Bubble bags I did a wash Wed. and found after it was over I didnt get very much and so I left the water to settle and drained off the water and got a nice size ball again from the sediment. Same as before I used the bags. Now today I just ran a big wash, about 8oz cuttings and got some ok amounts in the bubble bags this time but again I had a ton of sediment on the bottom, Im letting it sit now and will take the top water off in few hrs. I have a feeling i will get another big ball when done.

    What is going on? Could these cuttings have such under developed trichomes that they are falling thru a 20micron bag? I cant see how this would be but Im getting very sitcky, fine, smooth hash from the sediment. Could this be just small Trichomes because of an early harvest? Or am I blending too much and breaking them into too small of pieces?

    Anyhow Im happy but with this extra step of waiting for the sediment and taking the water off, its going to take weeks to get thru these trash bags, plus I have two more growers dropping off their cuttings soon.

    Am I nutz, do I just have some bad cuttings? Im just tring to turn someones junk into my free smoke. Please any idea whats up?
  2. issue? there is no issue. you are getting fine hash from copious amounts of free cuttings. how could there be an issue?
  3. I like gumby, I always do that after the bags any ways. so I don't see a problem either:hello:
  4. try searching for QWISO hash. very simple. i like it better then bbags. 1c1c
  5. Well Im not saying i have an issue with the free hash, no no.

    Im just saying that Im not getting much in the screens and the only smokeable stuff is in the 45 and 20 micron screens, the 150 down till 45 micron is junk, real harsh and tastes like plant material. The last two bags and then the sedement in the water are all Im getting thats smokable.

    Dont get me wrong I love the hash, in fact the fine sedement im getting, is some of the finest I have ever smoked, 28yrs of smoking and this is the best. Its so smooth and real fine like silly puddy, MMMm good, I just didnt realize I would have to do it this way. I was watching the videos of the bubble hash on Ytube, looks so much easyer and they get a ton compaired to what Im getting, I see them getting hash from all bags past the first two junk bags and I wonder if my trichomes are too small becasue of early harvist? Or just small and are falling thru the all bags? I have no buds at all just leaves, not even trimmings of buds, so I understand that Im getting less because of that. But the trichomes seem small if they are falling thru a 20 micron sreeen right?

    Anyhow im picking up two mire garbage bags today, Ill have to dry these, I still have 1.5 garbage bags left in my freezer to do. Going to try a huge batch tonight let water sit overnight and then drain off see what I get for sediment, then. Hope the bags catch something smokable this time, or the new clippings are better and they give me the resolts I want, we shall see.

    Thanks guys, I didnt mean to put down hash or the free part, really I love it!
  6. # 1 your not using any sugar leaf just fan leaf and that will reduce your hash yield less tricromes = less hash, #2 Try a to make a batch of qwiso hash it seems you have enough trim so search it here its actually very easy, fast, and also very potent!
    Best of luck and keep smoking!:bongin:

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