Bubble Hash to Rosin?

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  1. What are some reasons why bubble hash can look black when using the rosin technique? I made my own bubble hash about 2 weeks ago. Used mid-shelf nugs/shake to make it. I pressed 7gs of the bubble hash so far and got 2gs of rosin in return. Smells like bud and dabs great no problem. I want to know why it looks so black tho????
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  2. Looks pretty fucking good to me. I just purchased something similar. It was dry ice hash to rosin extraction and it is fucking amazing. Like flying through galaxies and shit amazing.

    It smells like the lemoniest of lemons you have ever smelled in your life. You can taste lemonade on the exhale of just smelling it. It is super clean when you dab it. It feels very light and airy, not oily or dense in any way. It's like a flavor explosion when you exhale the dab and actually taste of it. It's actually sweet. It's the only dab to date that I have had that actually smells like your smoking ganja and not vaping extracts. It is by far the best extract I have had here in Vegas. Definately worth every penny I paid for it.
  3. What color was the rosin extraction? Mine came out real dark. [​IMG]

    It's not harsh at all. It's actually really smooth. And gets you lifted instantly. Any idea why it came out dark after pressing it?
  4. No one really knows why rosin ends up darker from hashes. It could be from the wax membranes, finer contaminant, the process of making the rosin, oxidation, a combination, or anything really... I think it's a combination of fine contaminent and just the heat from making rosin. Using 3 star import hash sort of yields similar results to what you have there after pressed. Maybe a tad clearer, but add a cloudyness. Maybe you're using to high of temps? Maybe you're pressing to hard and getting contaminent like me? Pressing hash takes much less pressure... I still havent gotten it right.. I'm pressing much more flower than hash.
  5. It's because you used mids. You put in poo you get out poo. You put in gold and gold comes out. Here is my hash rosin i make. [​IMG]

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  6. What's your technique for getting something like that? Temps and all that
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  7. This was done with a 2 ton press and modified straightener plates. Was my old setup. Pressed at 200-220 for 10 seconds

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