Bubble hash not drying

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  1. its been 16 days since I had my first go at making bubble. It wasn't much trim I had from my first harvest.
    I got such a minuscule amount I don't know how it hasn't dried. It's been on cardboard in my kitchen and some of it is hardens but not dry enough to crumble. And some is the same stickiness it was when it came out. Best way I can describe is like a chewy sweet type texture.

    Is it worth leaving for longer, is this too long? Shuld I just smoke how it is, I can roll tue sticky bits out out like it was sticky black, and pick the hard bits! But I ant proper bubble :(

    I have more to do this run but I don't want to waste it.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. ???my bubble hash is always yellow..sometimes a little greenish yellow if I use my mixer

    Sorry, your's looks like opossom scat.
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  3. Ewwww I'm like what's opossum scat, I'll google it, wtf lol.

    I'm pretty sure green means u let too much plant material in. And yellow :/, but what do know I've messed it up on my first attempt, but I've watched ALL of the videos lol.

    Any helpfulness about?
  4. Give it another week spark some up now to determine if u want to deal with it or Chuck it, it does look odd though.
  5. I like dry ice method
  6. Chop it up, smaller chunks will dry faster
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  7. But I’m also the dry ice/dry sift type
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  8. Bah I don't know what I did. I put ice cold water and ice in the bubble bags, mixed lots, used card to put onto screen, then after a day or so put directly onto the cardboard. :/

    I don't even know where to get dry ice, plus I'm the type of stoner you don't trust with dry ice. I'd end up with frost bite!

    I doubt I'll throw it, it's still thx no? It was just trim too so would of all gone to waste anyway. I'd be pissedbif ibuses bud and it came out like this. Why would t come out a different colour?
    I'll have to find some more institutional videos before I try again.
  9. Using a kitchen strainer and spoon, work it through the strainer spreading it as thinly as possible on the cardboard so it ends up a sand-like consistency. Then you can press it or smoke it as is after it dries.

    The image didn't load for me but if its green that means is has plant material in it.
    With the bubble hash method this can be caused by working the material while it is still dry, let it sit in the water to become pliable so it won't break up as much when agitated. Also, overworking the material trying to get every last trichome head can cause it.
  10. You can find it at a lot of grocery stores. Just glove up and you’re chillin
  11. I finally got the image to load and not sure what i'm looking at but don't think it can be worked through a strainer.

    *edit* next time work it through the strainer while its still pretty moist.
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  12. Ok thanks. When I took it out I didn't do anything to it, just layed it to rest. And left it for 2 weeks. So next time I shuld put it through the strainer as soon as I take it out the bag? Should I try and dry it first? Paper towels?

    I thought because the was such a small amount it would dry to crumble in a few days :/.
  13. ok, when you scoop it from the bags and pat dry with that pressing screen and paper towels it should look something like this (the one labeled 190 is really the 90 micron stuff).

    Just let it sit there "and rest" for just a short time, this is when you want to work it through the strainer.
    I think your mistake was leaving it for 2 weeks.

    Once its dried on the cardboard, it should look something like this:

    Magnified a bit
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  14. Thanks A lot! What type of strainer do you use?
  15. You're most welcome.
    It's just a round, hand held wire strainer maybe 2 or 3" in diameter with a handle on it.
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  16. I used to use bubble bags but I do a dry ice sieve to avoid all this bs with drying and getting everything wet and cleaning up all the bags....
    with that said. I used to take my concentrate from the bag and put it on a a bunch of stacked paper towels and then fold the towels over the concentrate and push down on the paper towel concentrate "sandwich" until the towel soaked up a lot of the water. This would get a lot of water out of the way. I would then carefully peel the towel off the newly pressed patty of hash and let that dry on cardboard for a week. Bam... done. Only press once though otherwise the patty will stick too badly to the towels.
  17. that is exactly how it should look.....nice job!
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  18. Sandwich the hash within the 25 micron pressing screen first, then sandwich that between the towels as you describe and it won't stick to the towels.
  19. I still have had it stick to the screen though. I have noticed that sometimes keeping the concentrate in the refrig will help with stickiness and increase the workability
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  20. oh yeah, since we're working with resin, a cold environment is most helpful. I only do it during the winter months and let it get cold in the room.
    It would likely make it difficult at best to work it through a strainer in a frozen state.

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