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    So for my first grow I was thinking about making bubble hash with my trimmings but I don't wanna spend a ton on the bubble bags. Would these be a good alternative? Their small that's the only downfall. I was thinking of getting a 250 micron screen to use as a work bag then ordering three of these bags a 100 a 50 and a 25. Any thought?

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  2. Any reason I shouldn't use the bags?
  3. I wouldn't know never done either just another option plus you only gotta buy one screen, no lifting heavy water, super quick, no drying time.

    Only drawbacks to the bubble bags for me would be it seems like a decent amount of work and takes some time.
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    stupid thing double posted never had that happen before lol
  5. what bags dude? you have posted no pics or links....
  6. sorry about that. I posted the link now.
  7. for the price it certainly doesn't hurt to try. I would just compare the material to the Bubble bag material, and if its the same you are probably good.
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  8. Is buy the bags man... I spent ages playing around with nylon mesh screens and different ideas. After heaps of different attempts I bought bubble bags, 8 bag system. They've kinda paid for themselves with the amount and quality I've been averaging, plus its nice to see and taste the difference in the various "grades" you get put of each bag. Bubblebags.com. quality product...
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